Friday, March 21, 2014

Success!!!!! !!

So I did it!  One whole half (?) of a mile.  And I didn't have any problem except for the normal soreness in my knees.  I was afraid I would get half way and have my knee go out or something.  So this is real progress!  And besides the kids had a great time.  Alex found a duck egg too!  Then we started noticing there were eggs all over the place!  We found 4.  So it won't be long before there are little ducklings.  Taylor had fun feeding the ducks.  He told me he had never been so close to a duck before.  That isn't true, since he has been there before.  But it did register how very much fun he was having.  He made a trail of bread for the ducks to Hansel I guess.  He had a really fun time.
Taylor coaxing the ducks to come closer

One of the eggs we found

I love this little path that goes along the creek

Alex looking for ducks to follow
Now he is here at my house keeping me company for the weekend.  We stopped at Costco for a few things on the way back here, and he was in free sample heaven!  He loves the free samples there.
I am feeling tired, but not totally exhausted, so I really am feeling good about the exercise.  Now if I can stick with a low calorie diet.  I am not sure I can.  But it is worth a try.  My blood sugars are way down since I started the insulin yesterday.  I feel like I made a good decision there.
Well, now I just have to relax and enjoy the evening with Taylor and Mel.  I think it will be a good weekend:)  I hope it is for you wherever you are in the world tonight!  HAVVVVGFN!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I enjoyed your walk with Taylor and the pictures. I glad your knees held out. I think we are probably in similar shape as far as exercise goes. Except I am not doing any but I need to start again for the millionth time.
Blessings on your quest for better health.