Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Good evening!  I have enjoyed the day today.  We went to the ward in Waldport...actually a branch. It seems where ever we go to church we meet interesting people.  Mel met a farmer from Wendell, Idaho, who was also visiting.  He owns a boat here and comes regularly to do a little deep sea fishing.  He invited us to come this summer and he would let Mel come fishing too!  People are so nice.  I met a lady who told me she was a widow.  Her husband died from...ready for this?  A pulmonary embolism!  He died about 12 years ago and she had to raise her children on her own.  She seemed so nice.  I really felt sorry for her.  I told her I had a PE last October and she had lots of info for me.  Mostly she kept telling me how lucky I was to be alive....which I realize more and more.
After church we drove to Depoe Bay and had dinner at the Tidal Rave...which has great food and fantastic views.
This was the view from the window by our table.  I would have liked to stay in Depoe Bay, but the explorer in us beckoned us on to see more ocean towns.  We drove to Netarts Bay, then on to Rockaway Beach where we found a motel on the beach.  
So tomorrow we will head back to Portland airport to fly back to Idaho.  We may get a storm to blow us towards Boise.  We have a good wind blowing here tonight!  Mel made sure where the tsunami escape route was.  Rockaway is about level with the ocean.  We never even thought about such things when I was little.  Another sign of the times!
It has certainly been raining here.  They are expecting thunder storms tonight.  They say it is over 3 .5 inches for March already.  Anyway, that's the evening report.  Take care out there in cyberspace.  And HAVVVVGE!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I always enjoy visiting other wards when we are on a trip. I sometimes rate them on how friendly they are. Of course, I think we have to be friendly ourselves.
I know you must be enjoying the moments on this trip. The picture is a good one again.