Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Cloud

Good morning!  It is beautiful and sunshiny here today.  In fact it is about perfect.  Yes, exercising does cause an increase in my endorphin level.  And I am beginning to look forward to swimming instead of dreading it...the wet, the cold, the changing of the clothes.  Now I think the splish, the splash, the feeling of weightlessness!  I love that feeling!
This morning I am going into school early to see the doctor.  I am switching from my oral meds for Diabetes to injectable insulin.  I have mixed feelings about this.  But I am looking forward to no side effects.  I have talked long and hard with my doctor, my dad, my sister and spent hours on the internet figuring this all out.  My blood sugars are so out of whack lately, and I think this is probably a necessary step.  Sorry, I am flabbering on about old lady things I guess.  But it is a support group in the clouds!
Does it amaze you that there is a to speak....that holds all this information?  It is so amazing.  Mel and I were talking this morning about how we've had to learn a whole new vocabulary and mind set with all of the new technology.  And I am a step behind at least.  I don't twitter much....except to keep track of things not reported in the normal news.   I am glad there is a cloud, it saves memory on my phone and ipad, but I really don't know how that works.  I suppose I will find out something I should or shouldn't have done about it way too late.  And I am still amazed that my iMac has not run out of memory or had any fatal viruses or worms.  It is an absolutely amazing machine.  I also have an Adobe Creative cloud hovering somewhere nearby.  I guess I have all of this creative stuff available, but I am still trying to figure it all my spare time, which there seems to be less and less of all of the time.  Oh well, I will soon be done with this class and then I will be searching for enough things to do.  I really don't like boredom.
Well, I hope today finds you happy and well.  Life seems wonderful for the time being.  I just have to keep reminding myself of the waves in Oregon.  It is so soothing to think of them so constant and amazing.  I also was reminded of that song about the Universe this morning.  I think of that a lot and smile.  Take care and have a most wonderful day!!!  Melody


LeAnn said...

I love having the idea of a support group in the cloud. Dear friend I think when your class ends you will find plenty to do. Just think you can just paint away.
I do wish I could get excited about exercising. I need to do it; but I don't want too. I think I am going to have to use some self-discipline and just do it.
Blessings for your thoughts today~

singing/granny said...

Yes, just do it. Once you get started those endorphins will kick in and you will enjoy it...whatever you choose. My favorite is walking, but my knees give out too fast anymore. And of course it is always more fun with someone to gab with and solve all of the world's problems while you spend those calories! We have a doctor friend who thinks all marriage problems would be solved if couples ate yogurt for breakfast in the morning, and walked together in the afternoon. :) There may be some truth to that!