Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beautiful Day!

Good Sabbath!  Mel has already left for bishopric meeting. Sundays are busy for every other day!  I guess it is good he keeps busy.  He enjoys having lots to do.
Yesterday was a fun day with Granddaughters' birthdays.  They both had fun. We went to the singing fountain at the's a new shopping center.  We had lunch and shopped just a little.  Then I opted out of any further shopping and took them home:)
Ellen and I
Mel and I were going to go out, but we were both too tired.  That seems to be the normal here anymore.  By the end of the day we are both "done"!  I guess it is a good thing we enjoy just being together or we might get bored;)
Today is choir practice.  We are only having this one practice and then we are singing for church next week for Easter.  We are singing a simple song, so it should be fine if enough people come.  Participation is the hardest part. Although so far we have managed to get enough people.  Our time schedule changed in January though, and there is not a place to meet in the church before or after our meeting. So we meet at someone's house, which doesn't work as well.  SIGH!!!  I need to have faith that people will come.
I hope your Sabbath day is full of peace and reassurance of the Savior's love!  We are so blessed!  Shalom!  Melody

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