Sunday, April 27, 2014

Enjoying the Sabbath

Shalom!  Today I taught a lesson to the 11 year old boys in Primary. Taylor came, so it was especially fun.  The lesson was about Jacob and his father in law...Laban.  We talked and read about how Jacob loved his cousin, Rachel, and how he agreed to work seven whole years for Laban, so he could marry her.  The boys thought it was pretty terrible that Laban switched daughters on him and Jacob actually married her sister, Leah.  And how Laban then required another 7 years of labor to marry the daughter Jacob loved (although he only had to actually wait a week to marry Rachel.)  I love those Old Testament stories. They are full of surprises!  And they help to open up discussions. We talked about honesty and how important it was to be true to your word.  As I was teaching them, I was impressed that here was a group of very fine young men. Naturally they are a little wiggly, but they have been taught well of the finer things of life, and I think they will grow into good and honorable men.  It really was fun to teach them today.  And they loved my cookies!  I learned in a tutoring class at BYU that food was one of the best teaching tools, and I have found that to be true;)
Now I am home, with my feet up.  I think it helps those damaged veins to do their work better. And it certainly makes for a good excuse of why I need help with the dishes.  Taylor is home with us.  For some reason he really likes hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.  And we enjoy his company.  He has such fun ideas about life.  I am always hearing things from him that he has learned from the internet...not always completely true, but edited by an 11 year old mind.  I will have to take notes, because I can't think of a specific example just now.  But I know you would find it as amusing as I do.
And now I think I am going to rest and enjoy the rest of this lovely Sabbath day.  Have a lovely evening in cyberspace!  Melody

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