Saturday, April 5, 2014

Flabbering in the Moss

Good mossy morning!  In this part of Oregon, moss grows everywhere!  It is green and beautiful and pervasive. When I was little my dad used to tell me I was a mossback because I was born in Portland. I didn't have any idea what he meant then. But I get it now. And maybe there is some truth to it. I do love all the green. But the rain, not so much. I think I would long for blue skies if I lived here for very long. It is raining here now. 
So I am up and showered and dressed and hungry!  But Dad and Barb sleep in...for quite a while. Which wouldn't be bad except they want us to go out for breakfast. But not until 10:30...which is 11:30 our time. Practically time for lunch. I may have to cheat. With the insulin I have fairly low blood sugars and I wake up hungry!!!!!!  Grrrrr;)
After breakfast I guess we will go look at the plastic injection machine Mel is interested in and then head for the coast. The gardens we like to visit at Shore Acres will probably be gorgeous by now. I love to go there. And the ocean is beautiful there with steep cliffs. I took a video there of the end of a huge wave and posted it on YouTube some years back. Then YouTube was having some contest. So I renamed it "Epic super sleeper wave" kind of as a joke. I never did figure out how to get into the contest, but I guess it was a good title because it is above 7000 hits. And it must be very disappointing to those who view it. I guess if I was a nicer person I would take it off....or rename it. But I kind of like the joke. Sad, I know. 
Well I am flabbering and Mel is hungry. So HAVVVVVGW!  Melody

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