Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Night...Date Night...or not:) We get so tired anymore!!!

Happy Friday!  I love Friday!  It is so nice to be so close to the weekend.  As a young girl it meant that we would do some wonderful family adventure...go to the beach, or the city, or just swim at a local pool.  Now it means that I can relax a little from school work.  Although I probably need to go into school tomorrow and do a sketch for our next project.  We are doing a sketch from photographs this time, and we are not allowed to take the photos out of the room.  I am excited though because many of the photos are of people with actual clothes on! :) That is great, because I certainly do not intend a career of painting nudes.  And I could use a little practice with painting clothing.  Ha, ha!  It is so weird, this phase of learning to paint.  Only two more weeks of classes!  I do think I have made some good progress though.  It has been a good semester.  Here are some of my favorite paintings from this class.

Taylor is here again.  I went over to Liz's this morning with Kim and helped her with moving for a couple of hours.  Then Taylor thought he needed to come home with me.  I guess he likes my house because there are no rules here....or at least not many.  He needs rules of course, but there is not much need for them here.  He is so good most of the time, and we just have fun.  Right now he is watching cartoons on TV, and he is excited to see them.  They don't have cable at his house...which is probably a good thing.  But I know it is fun to have a different diversion.  I used to love to go over to our neighbor's and watch their color television.  Ours was black and white until I was a teenager I think.
Do you ever marvel at how far technology has come?  It is absolutely amazing!!!  I guess that computer  technology has really pushed things in many fields.  We have been watching that WWII series, Winds of War, and we both comment on how fakey some of the scenes are.  Especially scenes of big battle ships in the is obvious that it is models in a tub or something.  Pretty funny now, but back then I hardly noticed.
I am having a very good day today.  I think it is because of going to the temple last night.  I get such peace there, and good direction from the spirit.  When I follow those promptings, good things happen.  I am learning to trust that voice and not to doubt it.  It has definitely helped me today.
Well, I guess I had better go watch cool cartoons with Taylor...or take a power nap before Mel gets home from work.  I am still not sleeping great....and yes, I do need to get some ZZZZZquil.  I just keep forgetting.  Oh well.  I hope life is treating you well in cyberspace today.  Take care and have a most enjoyable Friday night!!!  I'm pulling for you!!!!!  Melody

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