Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Long Day!

Hola!  I am with Taylor at his eye doctor appointment. It is crowded here. I guess a lot of little kids need glasses. We are having a good time in spite of the wait.
He loves to read and is currently absorbed in a High Five magazine. I think it may be the modern version of Highlight magazine. 
This morning I went to book club. It was so great to see friends!  We read a book about North Korea. It was pretty sad what people have gone through in that country!  Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea is the name of the book if you are interested.
I went to get Taylor right after book club.  We had a great day.  We had lunch at Red Robin, then the eye doctor appointment.  Then we went swimming.  Then I realized I had forgotten my iPad at book club, so we drove over to Meridian to pick it up, but then I realized no one would be home til later, so we went over to the Village shopping center to get a look at the fountain.  Taylor had never seen it before, so he was delighted.  He took a video which I posted on facebook.  Taylor's video
I also took a few pictures.  We had fun!
We both had swim hair:)

 We got frozen yogurt and then sat on a very comfortable sofa out on the patio by the fountain in the sunshine.  I think it was the highlight of our day.  After that we drove over to get my ipad, then on home by way of Mel's shop.  We picked him up and then drove over to the pizza parlor for dinner.  We are all stuffed and a little sunburned.  But we had a great day!  And now it is about time to just veg!  Hope your day was as fun!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVGE!!!!!!  Melody

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