Monday, April 7, 2014


Okay, maybe I was a tad optimistic this morning. Our trip home went well, but I got a message about 3...did I need any help with Empty Nester's this evening?  I forgot it is at our house tonight!  It's kind of humorous I guess. I have been cleaning and making food for a couple of hours now. I am too tired to keep it up so I am taking a break. It's really not too dirty. But it is hard for me to clean anything I can't easily reach anymore. I guess people will just have to understand. I doubt I will get graded on this;)  and I am pretty good friends with most of these people. I kind of wonder if anyone else will remember anyway...what with conference. It is not the best night I think.  We probably should have postponed it a week. 
Well I think the cake is done. Have a great evening!  Me

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