Monday, April 21, 2014

Out of Africa!

So...I figured out why I am so bugged today!  I am sooooo good at stuffing my feelings! I totally forgot that  Kenny is traveling with his girlfriend to Nigeria today, to visit her family that lives there.  I am just a tad nervous about, that is an understatement.  I am soooooo nervous about this!  Last week I was listening to the BBC news as they were reporting all of the kidnappings and murders and terrorist happenings in Nigeria.  It really sounded awful.  But Kenny said it is happening very far away from where they will be.  I sure hope he's right!  I think it is good to be young and trusting and not to think of the worst case scenario for every life event.  I think I have just seen too much to be that way any more.  But I am good at stuffing and pretending like I am not worried.  But then I blame my feelings of anxiety on silly things, like my email account getting hacked.  So now that I have faced my feelings, I am going to take some deep breaths and get back to life as I know it.  Tatafornow!!!!!!  Me

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