Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday - Hair Day

Good sleepy morning!  I am fine, but according to Taylor he didn't sleep all night!  I doubt that, but he does seem particularly tired. I brought him with me to the hairdresser's. And Victor, the owner, talked him into getting a haircut....after my asking him...and Taylor seems thrilled!  So that is good. Victor is from Peru. He used to be a lawyer, but his wife's beauty shop was doing so well and he really hated being a lawyer, so he went to beauty school. And he is really good. His wife Denae, does my hair. She has for the last 12 years. So we are pretty good friends. And they used to be in our ward. Mel and Victor have played a lot of early morning basketball. I am glad for a little help from my friends!
So for the rest of today...I will take Taylor home. Then I have art class. I am liking my painting in there. Although I am trying to figure out an upper arm right now. It's always challenging. 
Tonight I am meeting Mel at the temple. That will be the perfect way to end the day!  HAVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

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