Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Evening Post

Hi again!   I feel like I need to write something positive after my grumpy post from this morning:)  I am feeling so much better!  Painting class is always such a high!  I don't even have to paint well, to feel good.  I just like painting I guess.  And I like the teacher, and all of the students.  Everyone is usually so nice to me, and today was no exception.  And in class we got to have a slide show to begin the day.  We are starting a new project next week, so my teacher wanted to give us some ideas.  It was fun, as he showed slides of famous artwork.  I love to see other people's work, especially the really good stuff.  He had lots of different examples of narrative paintings...good and bad.  And he talked about what was so good about each one.  Even though I have studied most of them before it was good to hear his take on things.  He has a good understanding of deep meanings in art.
So after class I stayed and painted another couple of hours because Joy couldn't swim today.  I guess I will have to go swim tomorrow morning.  Or afternoon.  I have visiting teaching again tomorrow afternoon, if anyone is home.  Last week no one was at home.
So I guess tonight we will watch another episode of the Winds of War.  It's on netflix.  It was made in 1983 and has Robert Mitchum and a few other well knowns.  It is terribly slow, but it is interesting to watch the things leading up to WWII.  We keep remarking how some of it seems to be repeating itself now.  Kinda scary.
I guess Kenny is really in Nigeria.  I am sure they made it to Amsterdam, but I haven't heard anymore.  They were supposed to have a layover there before heading to Nigeria.  And that is all.  I am still pulling for you!  We're definitely all in this together!  Have a most wonderful Tuesday night!!!!  Melody

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