Saturday, April 26, 2014

Worry Wart

Greetings!  I have had a long day!  And a good one for the most part.  But I have been kind of grouchy.  I tried writing earlier and decided I sounded like I needed I took a nap:)  I got to bed late last night, after going around with the puppy.  He keeps breaking the rules of house breaking.  So I finally put him in the shop...Max too!  It was so nice!!!  No dogs shuffling around or whining or barking or anything all night long!  Max has always slept in our bedroom, but since the new puppy, he wanders around.  And I think it is part of the cause of my sleepless nights.  So I think we will make the shop a new doggy hotel...for night time.  Mel isn't using it for anything, so he doesn't mind.  And the dogs will get used to it.  It is big and they can wander around to their hearts' content.  I am surprised I didn't think of it before.  Anyway, one problem solved.
The other thing that has me going is a painting I am doing.  I can't get the angle of the face right.  But tonight as I was watching TV with Mel it occured to me I have a wonderful app that is all about anatomy....Le'encorche...or something like that.  So I think I have a model to use for this painting and it will help me to solve the anatomical problems of how an eye looks when the face is turned away from me in this unusual angle.   Such a dilemna!!!  Not usually, but for some reason it is in this painting.  And I have gotten a little obsessed with it lately.  I wish I didn't do that.
And then I remembered I medication this time.  I take a pain med in the morning for my knees.  And I forgot this morning.  So I think that helped me to feel a little irritable.  I don't like hurting.  But I don't realize it is so bad, until it gets so bad.  Then it is kind of too late.  See?  I am just full of negativity today.  I think I am also a little grumpy because I have to sub for a primary class tomorrow.  I won't mind once I am doing it, but the anticipation and preparation are hard.  It is Taylor's class again.  I am not sure he is coming, because they are moving this weekend.  But I will like teaching it better if he does come.  There are about 12 boys in there...11 year olds.  A real sweet bunch of boys.  I just need to bring cookies or popcorn or something and they will be angels.  I just worry about my energy level.  I can do it the little engine.  I just need to believe I can.
So...sorry to vent, but I feel better now:)  I really think underneath it all, I am still worrying about Kenny in Africa.  He looks happy in his facebook photos, and I am trying not to worry.  But I am such an excellent worrier!  Ha!  Take care out there in cyberspace!  HAVVVVVVVGN!   Melody

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