Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Glimpse

Hi again!  I am feeling so much better this evening!  I went to class and found out when I got there that it was cancelled. But I stayed and painted anyway. A couple of my classmates showed up too, so we had fun visiting until we were all in the zone....painting away. I love this painting I am doing.  The subjects are dressed for one thing:)  And I think it is progressing nicely. I have lots to do still but I took a picture to share it in stages, and to help me see mistakes!
This is the whole canvas

Close up of the face

It looks like she has a hole in her side!
I guess the most obvious is the black space in the mans arm. Mel thought it was confusing and you couldn't tell whose arm was whose, but it really helps me to see what I need to paint more clearly.   Sorry if it confuses you.  I kind of like it at this stage with less detail. Maybe I will keep it a little less detailed.   I'll ask my professor what he thinks.
Mel has begun his high council assignments this week. Tonight he has a meeting with a family history committee. And Thursday he has an assignment at the orchard. And he is speaking on the third Sunday:)  He will be busy!  I guess I will hold down the fort here at home. Or maybe get more done with family history!   Hope all is well.   Adios!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I love the posts that you share how your painting is going. I think this one is going to be really good one.
I would have a problem doing people, I think. Maybe a tree for me.