Friday, May 16, 2014


Good morning!  I am sitting at my computer this morning, reading facebook and waiting for my visiting teachers to come.  I always look forward to their visits.  One of them is an artist too, and so she loves to see what I have done, which is kind of fun.  She does more exact landscape type paintings.  She likes to go to a painting convention they have in Las Vegas each year.  They have classes for three days from various artists.  I am not sure it is something I would like.  I am getting used to painting something that I imagine.  Most of these you paint what the teacher's already drawn on a canvas and you paint it in with instruction.  I guess everyone paints the same stuff.  She has a painting I really like of a waterwheel.
After my visiting teachers come I am going to be a teacher for Taylor.  He is writing a research paper on the History of Video Games.  I think it is great he is writing about something he is so interested in.  But we had to go over to Meridian to find a book about it.  Actually we found three, so that was lucky. I had looked it up on the internet to see what was available in the valley and there wasn't much.  Anyway, he spent the afternoon here making index cards of his ideas...with a little help from Grandma. He made thirteen cards, so I figure he can write a paper from that.  It only has to be three pages long.  But that's a lot for an eleven year old.  He is so smart, but easily distracted.  So my job was to keep him on task...without doing it for him.  I think that is the hard part for a teacher.  When you see what needs to be done, it is so easy to hop in and do it.  But a good teacher is a guide and a cheerleader...standing on the sides and pointing towards the finish line!!!  Ha, ha!  As a student I loved the teacher that would say, "Move over and I'll show you what I mean."  I think that is helpful too.
I picked up all of my art work at BSU yesterday.   I did pretty well I guess.  I am not sure of my grade yet....830 points out of 900 points.  I think that is a 92%, which would give me an A-.  But I won't know for a week or so.  All I know is that it feels tremendously, fantastically, wonderful to be done with school!!!!!  (Notice I didn't use the words awesome or amazing...I read that they are over used.  "awesome
 - Something Americans use to describe everything.  Oh wow I feel awesome!"  From the Urban Dictionary.  But just for the record I feel awesome...and amazing too!!!!!)
So, I guess that is all I have to say today.  Remember I'm pulling for you!!!!!  We're all in this together!!!!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Congratulation on finishing your class. I am sure you got an A.
I hope you had a great time with your grandson keeping him on task. I fail measurably doing that one.