Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day Tripping

Good evening!  Today has been such a good day!  I went with Mel into the shop this morning and we both did a little work there.  Then Mel said, "What shall we do for the rest of the day?  Do you want to go to Garden Valley?"  Well, sure.  I love it up there.  So off we went towards the mountains.  About half way there, Mel said, "You know, there are yummier places to eat in McCall."  Ha, ha!  Yes, there are and it is only another hour on the road.  So we drove up to McCall.  It was beautiful!  Sunny and warm.  We got lunch and sat in a little park by the lake.  We have so many memories from McCall...starting from the first summer we lived in Idaho.  So it is fun to sit and reminisce.  Then we decided to head back in the general direction of home.  We took a detour though and went off on some little mountain road that said "Dead End" right at the beginning.  That means it is probably gorgeous and they don't like people driving around their property:)  So we drove out to the end of the road and found this little cottage.

Yeah, it is pretty nice, and the view is amazing!  So that was lots of fun.  We drove around for a while seeing how the other half lives (or is it 10%?) and then started back home.  We stopped near Banks to get close to the river and take a break.  I got a good picture of Mel...smiling.  He loves the wilderness...especially forests and rivers.  We watched several rafters float on by.  It was fun.  I think next time we will remember our swim suits because the hot springs are fun around there.
Anyway, now we are back home.  Mel is out mowing the lawn.  I am blogging of course.  It has been such a lovely day.  I hope things are great in cyberspace today.  Take care.  And have a lovely rest of today!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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