Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Night

Hola!  I don't have much to write about today.  It has been kind of a lazy day.  I did go swimming with Taylor...and I helped Mel at the office for a short while.  But most of the afternoon I have spent relaxing here at home.  It is very nice to be able to do that!  It seems like I have been on a rather speedy track for a while now.  So I think slowing down should be good.
Taylor is getting to be a pretty good swimmer!  I am so glad!!!!  I have worried that he was getting kind of old to not be a proficient swimmer.   Today he passed the test easily that the YMCA requires of kids before they can use the water slide alone.  Then he spent a lot of time climbing up and slip sliding down.   Apparently someone showed him how to hold his body so he can speed down really fast!  He was delighted!!!  After he had gone down 4 or 5 times, they opened the lazy river.  Although today it wasn't too lazy.  Tay and I were the first ones in there, but almost immediately we were joined by about thirty five kids and a few moms.  It was crazy!!!!  I guess summer is really here because there were so many children at the Y.  I kind of like it, but after an hour of swimming I was done.  And yes, I admit it, I hid out in the deep pool by myself some of the time.  For some reason the kids don't go there.  So while Taylor was slip sliding away on the slide, I was making my way around the perimeter of the deep pool.  It was very peaceful and calm.  It reminded me of when they first opened the YMCA in Meridian.  My sister Diane and I used to go a lot.  And nobody else used it right at first, so we were usually there on our own.  One day the famous Mr. Simplot, of  McDonald's Idaho Potato French Fry fame came in to view the facility to which he had so generously contributed money.  Diane and I were the only ones in the pool.  So he came over and talked to us for just a second.  So I guess that is two famous people I have met in my swim suit...J. R. Simplot, and Elder Jeffrey Holland:)  Kind of funny!
Well, I hear Mel coming home.  Hope all is well in cyberspace today!!!  Have a great family home evening.  If you don't know what that is, here's a link.  Family Night  Take care!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

It sounds like you had a delightful day. I do think you deserve one.
I used to love to swim; but haven't done much in the last several years. I loved your thoughts today.
Blessings and hugs for you!