Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Witness

Good morning!  I think I am me again.  And it feels good.  I think a few days of feeling off was good for me.  It makes me appreciate normal!!
So today is traditionally laundry day....or it was when I was on a tight schedule.  Fortunately there is not much laundry today.  So I may put it off.  I kind of like doing it all at once...and watching a good movie while I fold clothes.  Lately though I have been watching conference talks.  I love that I can get them so easily on my ipad.  Mel has started a tradition since he was called to the high counsel.  Each night he listens to a conference talk.  At first I was a little resentful...because I was trying to go to sleep. But this last week I have been trying to soften my heart and to listen along with him.  It wasn't that I don't like the talks...but he was listening to the same ones I was listening to during the afternoon.  But he got through all of the ones from the last conference, and now he is listening to past conferences and I like hearing those talks again that I haven't heard for a long time.  Last night we listened to Elder David B. Haight.  He was such a sweet apostle!  It was from the conference in 2000, when they were first meeting in the conference center.  He talked about how the church had grown, and the faith of those first members of the church....so many of them anonymous except to their families.  It was a beautiful talk.  Here is a link.  Elder Haight 
It made me think of my own ancestors, those who have been faithful in living the truths they found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  How grateful I am for their testimonies!  And how much I lean on them when I feel weak or sad.  It is reassuring to me that they knew the prophets, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.  I trust their good judgement that these men really were prophets.  I know that President Monson is a prophet today.  He spoke in a ward I was in many years ago when we lived in Provo.  It was special, because he knew many of the members of the ward as friends and he talked to us as if we were all close friends.  He was so warm and kind in his remarks.  And I had a special personal witness that he is a prophet at Women's Conference in 2008.  I don't know if I have written about that.  He came to speak on the last day of the conference.  We wanted to be as close as we could, so we sat down close to the floor in the bleacher seats at the Marriott Center.  So we were close as he walked in.  I had a very special feeling as he came through the doors.  It felt like he was accompanied by hundreds of unseen angels.  I couldn't see them, but I could definitely feel them.  It was so special.  And he talked about how we should be joyful in living the gospel.  It was a beautiful talk.  Then after he left we had to leave.  I looked up the many stairs I had to climb to get out of there and thought, "How can I do this?"  My knees weren't as bad then, but they were not great.  I started up the steps, and tried to grab the handrail, but there were so many other people holding on, that I couldn't get a hold of it.  Just then, it felt as if I was being held up on both sides, and I easily climbed the stairs.  As I got to the top, these words came into my mind, "You will have all the help that you need."  I remember those words came so clearly, and that they made tears come to my eyes.  And so I had my own personal witness of the prophet and those angelic beings that attend him, and a personal reassurance of the Lord's love for me.  I am so grateful for that.  I know that He loves each one of us and is personally concerned for each of us.  He is truly our Savior!
I hope this day finds you well and happy.  Take care out there in cyberspace.  I am pulling for you!  We are definitely all in this together!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Thank you for this post today; I needed it. Elder Haight was one of my favorite Apostles. His son is the Jordan River Temple President where we serve. He and his wife are so awesome to work with.
I loved our experience and testimony of Pres. Monson. I was profoundly affected by reading his book;"To The Rescue. What a marvelous prophet he is for us today. We are so blessed.
Blessings to you for this ne!