Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Good morning!  I woke up this morning with this song from Sesame Street in my head.  Not all of the words at once, but I did remember it all before I found it on youtube.   So I thought I would share so you would have it in your head too:)  Nine  It sounds like Burl Ives, and I love the animation!
Yes, way too much time in front of the TV...folding clothes of course...and watching my kids grow up.  Good years!
It's a gorgeous day here today.  I think it did all of the raining it is going to do for now.  It rained quite hard last night when we went to see our granddaughter, Ellen's, choir concert.  She did so well!  It was fun to watch her sing...and dance.  The teacher had them all learn a little dance to "Thriller".  It was pretty fun.  I don't know if the kids are learning how to read music, but they are all definitely learning to love it.  And I suppose the first step in learning something is to learn to love it.  We saw an old friend from Boise there who also had a grandchild in the performance.  But he was not happy with the innovative approach.  He has daughters that dance really well, so maybe he was disappointed in the dancing.  I quite enjoyed it.
So today is Wednesday....already.  It just speeds on by.  Yesterday I did not get any painting done.  Instead I took Liz and her boys over to see the fountain.  She hadn't seen it yet, although she has been to the one in Las Vegas.  Her judgement was that ours is better....because you can get up so close to it.  Everything in Vegas seems to be behind a barrier of some kind.  I guess they have the crowds there that we will never have here.  At any rate she had a fun time...and a good break.  It is hard to be a mom of small kids, and not having transportation makes it extra hard.  I can remember trudging through the snow with a stroller when we lived in Provo...just to go downtown.  Crazy!  But I had to get out of the apartment!!!!
Well, today should be another fun and fascinating day.  I hope it is in cyberspace!!!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I loved Sesame street too and remember the songs on it. I think your day sounded lovely.