Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sabbath Day

Good Sabbath!  It has been such a lovely morning.  Mel gave his first talk as a high counsel man.  He did great, and it was fun to go to another ward.  We saw lots of people we knew.  His talk was on testimony and conversion.  He used some quotes from Elder Holland.  He had a bunch of stuff from Elder Bednar, but he didn't have much time.  The speaker before him went a bit over. But it still was very sweet.  I especially liked when he talked about his own testimony, and how he gained it from hearing his father talk of the experiences he had gaining a testimony.  Taylor is with us this weekend, so he enjoyed it too.  We are home for an hour, then we will go to our ward.
Last night was fun too.  First we had the missionaries for dinner and then we went to a singing concert that a few of my friends participate in.
Jodell Faris is the one with yellow in the middle.
Carol Wintersteen is behind her to the right.
The pianist is also a friend, Helen Fairbourne.
They sing at various rest homes and places and any money they earn they donate to a world surgery center that is run from Boise.  They go all over the world and help children who need special for cleft pallets.  It is a nice thing, and a fun concert.
This morning my plant has become even more beautiful.  The blooms are opening up and are huge!!!  I love it.

Well, I guess I will go and get Taylor some lunch before we leave.  Take care and have a wonderful Sabbath!  Melody

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