Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Dove of Peace Sings in my Heart

Good morning!  Today is a mixed bag day, some fun, and some worried anticipation.  The fun part is picking up Liz and her boys for a run to the library.  Taylor needs a certain book for school.  And we will probably end up at the water park.  They have a few that are free and fun in Boise and Meridian.  It is supposed to get into the 80's today.  And it will be nice to sit and watch the kids run through the water.  No, I probably will only sit and enjoy watching, not running through the water.  I have done that in years past.  But I suppose I am at the other end of the cycle of life.
The anticipation part is that I have to go and pick up my paintings....with a grade on them.  Actually this will probably be helpful.  I love helpful criticism:)  And this teacher is not so subjective as some.  Still I am hoping for a good grade.  Last semester I got an A+ from this teacher in my anatomy drawing class.  I was totally surprised by that!   I am not expecting such a good grade this semester.  Sigh!  And I don't even know why it matters....but to me it does.
I had a funny dream last night.  All of my professors were there, and my family.  It was like a ward dinner, only it was supposed to be an art show.  I must have Spectrum Live on my mind or something.  Anyway, it was one of those reassuring dreams.  The teachers who I thought hated my work were there telling me what a good job I had done.  Then I woke up and realized it was wishful dreaming.  I do have silly dreams sometimes!
This morning as we were eating breakfast I heard a dove again that I heard last night.  He or she has a distinctive call....instead of saying coooooo, coooooo in pleasant even tones, he says coo, cooooooo.  Over and over.  I pointed this out to Mel and he said, "Maybe he is an escapee from a mental health aviary."    I hope he is not commenting on the people that live here:)
Well, I best go on with my day, since I am full of silliness.  I hope today finds things well and productive in cyberspace.   Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  I'm still pulling for you!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I always love your upbeat thoughts and now I find you have positive dreams. I will hope you get a great grade on your painting since you would love that.
I hope you have had a wonderful moment with the children and you didn't get wet.
Blessings and hugs!