Monday, June 30, 2014

Family Night

Good evening!  I can hear Boris as I write that!  Today has been a pretty good day. I feel like I was able to get most of my list done.  I have decided I need to start painting like a job and keep regular hours so I tried 9 to 11. It worked pretty well except I lost track of time and didn't quit til almost noon.  That sort of made my afternoon a little rushed but it worked out.  I met Mel for lunch and after that I picked up Taylor and Gabe and headed back here to meet Kim and three of her kids so we could tackle the neighbors' two very loaded cherry trees.  We didn't get much picked. Or rather we picked a lot but hardly made a difference.  There are so many cherries!  And the birds are after them now.  So I will try to pick some more tomorrow. It is hard to do with my knees and also I tire too quickly. But I will do what I can.  I can probably get the two boys to help again, though they would rather go swimming....hmmm, I think I see a reward for helping.  We'll see how energetic I feel tomorrow.  Maybe a little each day.
I am still happy with the painting.  I worked on the boy's face the whole time...and his hair.  I want him to look like a spiritual being, so it is challenging for me.  Here's what I've done so far...
There is still plenty to do.  But I feel like I am making progress and I am excited to paint.  One of my professors said he always has 3 or 4 paintings going at once, but I think that would be too absorbing!  I am constantly reworking things in my head!  It is sort of like I paint things twice or three times...over and over.  And then I often paint in my dreams.  Yes, it has become a little obsessive.  Oh well.  
So that is today.  I am ready for sleep!  Sweet dreams!  Melody 

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LeAnn said...

I love that you are showing your progress on your painting. You are doing so good.
It has been a while since I have tried picking cherries. We do have an apple tree which I think they are easier to pick.