Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Here!

Good afternoon!  I am home again with Taylor. We went to the shop this morning so that I could work with the book keeper.  She's teaching me the finer points of Quickbooks. I am glad for her help since I know so little about accounting. And I think it is already helping to keep us on track with the business.  She really knows her stuff. Taylor's Dad works there too, so he got to help his dad for a while. I think he liked that.  I have noticed that fathers who work along side their sons seem to be closer to each other. I suppose that is a generalized statement. I really think that fathers who spend time listening carefully to their sons are the closest.  I guess it is human nature to want to be the one doing all the talking. And no, I don't have any idea where I am going with this!
The good news is my easel arrived!  I am so excited!  I am anxious to open it up, but I think I will wait til I have some help.  It is big!  And I am kind of exhausted. So I am resting with my feet up, while I blog;)
Michelle and Gary should be arriving soon, so that is the main reason I am resting. They have six kids, although their youngest is 11. She and Taylor are only two weeks apart, and they are good friends, so he is excited they are coming!  Dinner is in the oven, so I am not stressed, just old.  I think I say that too much though, because Taylor says it too.  This morning he said something like, "I think I should carry that for you, since you are getting so very old!"  It made me laugh.  I don't really feel as old as he thinks I am.  He has such a limited view of age still.  It's funny how that view changes as you get older! I think that my view has certainly changed.  Speaking about entropy, and we were, the sign downtown has a good thought this week...."Entropy just isn't the same as it used to be!"  I love that sign!  It is so fun to have a chuckle as I drive by.
Well, I guess I will end this and go open up my box.  Take care!  I'm pulling for you!  And HAVVVVVGE!!!!!!  Melody

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