Sunday, June 1, 2014

June is here....Unbelievable!!!

Sabbath Day Greetings!  Our day started early today.  We told Liz we would come with her to her new ward anytime she wanted.  And this morning she wanted us to come with her and her boys.  Her church starts at nine, and she lives on the other side of we were up early trying to look presentable.  It gets harder and harder for me.  What used to take a few minutes....oh well.  Such is life. It was fun to go to her ward.  We immediately saw a friend of hers there with his wife and their five kids.  So that was nice for Liz.  I think she will feel at home in this ward.
So then we went to our own ward.  I'm so glad we did.  We talked about maybe going on home, but we would have missed a very special testimony meeting.  A friend of ours who teaches the thirteen year old Sunday School class had challenged them to bear their testimonies....he got up first and reminded them of his challenge.  Then one by one they each got up and shared their testimony of the Savior and His gospel.  It was very inspiring!  Such good, sweet kids!  And there were several other very sweet testimonies born.   The last one by a man who is an EMT.  He talked about his traumatic experiences this last week...literally since he drives an ambulance.  And then he told how the gospel had influenced this one boy's outcome....because he had a blessing and the support of family and friends.  It was very touching.  I think his testimony strengthened mine considerably.
And then we had our usual lessons.  We have been going to the family relationship class for Sunday School.  The teacher in there is quite good.  And we are the "old people" in the class, so it is kind of fun to sit on the side and snicker at these new young parents....not.  Actually they are so much wiser than we were.  I think they are miles ahead of us in so many ways.  We struggled for years trying to agree on what kind of discipline to use on our kids. (Spank or not spank...logical consequences...tough love, etc.)  These parents seem to already agree on positive parenting attitudes and methods.  I think it is wonderful.
Relief Society was all about giving service.  And the teacher certainly was a good example!  She passed out sugar cookies in the shape of a beehive (for industry) and also knitted us all a kitchen washcloth.  It must have taken her sooooo much time!   She is a sweet lady...about my age.  Which is nice for me.  I like hearing from others who have experienced a bit of life.
Anyway, it has been a good day.  Mel is off giving a priesthood blessing to a lady in our ward who is going into labor anytime now.  Poor thing.  But I guess it is all worth it when you are holding that precious bundle in your arms.  I remember that far more clearly than the pain and agony of birth.
So I am glad for today.  I hope your Sabbath day is full of joy and encouragement.  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVWonderful and Peaceful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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