Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Night the World Around

Hola!  I am having a very fun day today. First I had Mel help me set up my easel. It is so nice!  It is pretty with the oak frame! Even if I never paint again, I could put an old canvas in it and use it for an interesting focal point. It is that nice. But I am going to paint!  I mounted a clean canvas in it and would have painted today but first.....I had to get some visiting teaching done. It was fun. We took a couple of our sisters out for lunch. We talked and talked!  And had a yummy lunch. Then I came over to Liz's to watch her boys so she could visit her doctor. She hasn't been too well, so I hope he can help her get some relief.  I helped Taylor do his chores. He is in charge of dishes so it was right up my alley. And we got it all done very quickly.  So he is happy about that. And now he is playing a bowling game and I am resting and watching him. It's nice. Alex is asleep I hope. His crib is upstairs so I have to send Taylor up to check on him every once in a while. 
I can't believe it is already 4. It just keeps whizzing on by. So hurry and have a very, very, very happy family home evening!  I'm still pulling for you!!!!!!!   Melody

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