Monday, June 23, 2014

Painting, Painting

Good morning!  It is always good when I get a little time to paint!  I have decided to try to get at least an hour or two each day into this painting....when possible.  So this morning I have spent a couple of hours working out the woman's face.  I use math:)  No, really.  It is just a little bit of algebra...solving for x.  I learned the process in one of my drawing classes, and it really helps with proportions.  Anyway, I feel a lot better about this painting.  It still has a long ways to go, but I am enjoying the process.  Here's a peek....

So for the rest of today I think I will be with a daughter and grandkids.  We may go swimming.  It sounds like fun to me.  But we will have to decide if that is fun for everyone.  We haven't been down to the lake for a swim is kind of breezy and nice down there.  Also there are cherries to pick.  We have some, and our neighbor has tons!  So depending on how hot it is...
And that is today.  Yesterday was a great day.  Church was good, but I was feeling so nervous about choir practice that I felt a little anxious.  So it was very nice when we had a really good turnout for choir practice.  They sound so beautiful, and I feel like I am getting support again in my calling.  We sing next week, so it is a good thing.
We watched 17 Miracles again last night.  I love that movie.  And I even got to hear the film director speak at Women's Conference a few years back, so it makes it even better.  I love that there are people who want to use their skills in art to better the world and to bring the message of the gospel to more people.  I hope I can do that with my painting.
Well, here we go...back on the merry go round of life.  I hope things are happy and well in cyberspace today!  Take care and keep your stick on the ice!!!!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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