Saturday, June 14, 2014


Good pizza evening!  It is definitely a pizza night here. We went with Michelle and company for a picnic and then on to the Y for an afternoon of swimming. It was a good day for that because the place was not crowded at all. But we are all exhausted!  I am grateful this evening for take n bake pizza!!!  Even leftovers sounded hard:)
Taylor came along with us too today. He was kind of in cousin heaven I think with four of his female cousins giving him so much attention. He earned his green swim level...showing off for his cousins I suspect. He also went on the water slides with Mel. And jumped several times off of the diving board. All for the entertainment of his cousins!  It was cute to watch. 
Anyway I feel like we've had a fun Saturday. And now I can hear the timer beeping for the pizza. I hope life is treating you well today also. HAVVVGE!!!!!

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