Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Evening Post

Good evening!  It's been a good day here. I spent much of today making a dinner for a sweet older couple in our ward. I think I have mentioned them before. They met at the beginning of World War II. He was stationed in Alameda and she lived in Berkeley. He took a friend of hers out and they double dated.  But they decided they liked each other.  I love to find out how people met and fell in love.  They will be married 70 years very soon.  I'm not sure if it's this month or next. They take turns being sick it seems.  But they do remarkably well for their age:)  They are just a couple of years younger than my parents.  
The other thing I have been doing is stuffing binders with music for choir in the morning.  Besides choir I have the ward chorister assignment for the next couple of weeks. So I will have fun tomorrow with the choir singing too.  I hope I can do both without getting too tired.  I'm not good at saying no.  But I think I should be fine.  I can always ask Mel to take over if it gets too hard.
I keep thinking I have something to report.  But I can't think what it might be.  So I guess this will have to do.  Maybe I am just excited to have rolls and caramel corn leftover from fixing the dinner for that couple.  It is kind of a treat that I usually don't allow around here.  
So here's hoping all is well and happy in cyberspace tonight. HAVVVVVGN!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Have fun with your choir and being the chorister too. I love choirs and wish i could be in one. I have a chronic cough due to allergies and re-flux so I can't sing. I am always coughing when I try to sing.
I would love to be married for 70 years. We will have our 50th wedding anniversary in 3 years.
Blessings and hugs!