Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Birds

Good morning!  I thought I had better write this one down before I forget it.  Mel and I were eating breakfast this morning, watching the birds out on the lawn.  Mel said, "How do they know where to peck and hunt?  Is it instinct, or hearing or what?"  I said, "Oh, I think it must be hearing."  Mel...""You mean they can actually hear those little grubs crawling around beneath them?"  Me..."Yes, I think they have really good hearing."  Mel, smiling, "Well, then we'd better be careful what we say!"  I laughed out loud at that.  He is such a funny guy.
He is off at work now, and I am getting ready for Michelle and her brood to arrive tomorrow.  They are coming for a couple of days to visit.  I am glad.  I get so lonesome around here.  It will be fun to have some company.
So I had better get to it....changing sheets and vacuuming mostly.  And clearing off the flat surfaces in the house.  It is funny to me how much easier it is to set things down on a flat surface, rather than putting them away.  Sigh!
So have a great day.  I hope it is inspired and happy.  Keep your stick on the ice!!!!!  Melody

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