Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

Good afternoon!   I have been painting again today.  I am liking this painting a lot.  It is very calming to work on it.  I like how it is turning out so far.
I pretty much have the woman figured out, the next step is to figure out the little spirit boy.  I remember I had a hard time figuring out how to depict that he was a spirit the first time I painted this.  Time to hit the books and see what others have done.  Carrier is a French painter I looked at before.  I may see what he and others have done.
This morning I visited Elsie.  She is a sweet older woman that I visit teach.  She is in her eighties and has had a stroke.  She is such a sweet lady.  Her grandson was there with her today.  He is really a sweet boy.  He is 14 I think.  Anyway he is really into birds and had one with him.  It was a small parrot...a special type that started with a C.  But I can't remember and I can't find it on the internet.  Sigh!  My memory is not what it used to be!!!  It was fun visiting with Elsie, but fun visiting with Mason and his pet, Skiddles.  Yeah, he named it after candy:)  I have been thinking lately it might be fun to have a pet bird, but a few of my grandkids are allergic to cats, so they may be allergic to birds also.  My brother was allergic to birds, cats, dogs, and most weeds and molds.  I guess it is a genetic thing.  I have a little hayfever in the Fall, but nothing too terrible.   It might be fun to have a canary.  Maybe I could keep it in here where the kids aren't allowed much anyway.  Hmmm.
Tonight we are dining out with some friends, so I have to quit painting for today.  I am getting a little tired.  I can paint for about two hours before I start to feel like that is all I can do for now.  And I see no point in pushing since this is not due for a mid term or anything.  That is really a nice feeling.  I do wish I had a teacher I could ask questions of sometimes.  But I have so much to practice that I have already been taught, that it is fine.
Well, I hope today is finding you well and happy in cyberspace.  Things are pretty good here.  I am managing to keep busy and productive.  I do get a little lonely, but when it gets too bad I go pick up a grandchild.  Their moms seem to like the break, and I like the company.  Yesterday I picked up Taylor and Gabe and brought them here to play.  Then we had dinner and a short FHE lesson.  It was fun.  I feel so blessed I have grandchildren near me.  So have a lovely evening!  And remember I am pulling for you!!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGE!!!!!!  Melody

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