Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blessed and Happy

Hola!  I am feeling so blessed this morning!  No particular reason, but many.  I think how easy it is to feel lost and alone in this world.  But I feel loved and cared for, and even pampered.  I suppose most of this is Mel's fault.  He is a wonderful friend and companion.  I am so grateful for him!  I think how very blessed I am to have him for my husband.
So today he is out mowing the lawn before the temps get outrageous again.  It has been over 95 for about two weeks now.  And I guess the forecast says it will get above 100 this next week.  We've had a couple of days over 100.  I think when it gets that hot it is better to stay inside.  At least that is true if there is air conditioning.  I wish the weather did not bother me so much.  I think it has something to do with old age, and my body not adjusting as quickly to outside temps as it used to.  Funny how I can blame everything that goes wrong on old age:)
I guess I didn't report on my doctor visit.  He said my blood work was much better this time.  But there are some quirky numbers with my thyroid.  So he took more blood!  I feel so sorry for the nurses that have to do that on me.  They try to be so careful, but with my tiny veins combined with a blood thinner, they poke and prod around trying to find a good vein.  Then even when they finally do find a good vein, I end up with big bruises.  And they feel so bad!  I keep telling them it doesn't hurt that much, but they still feel bad.  I keep telling them it is not their fault.  Even the guys who draw blood for a living, don't like my veins.  I tried to donate blood a few years ago, and they asked me not to come back.  They said I am not a good blood donor, since they couldn't get any veins to work well enough.  It's kind of funny because Mel has these huge veins and they love to have him donate blood.
Well, for the rest of today, we are going over to Boise to do some temple work.  That will be a nice way to spend the afternoon.  I hope where ever you may be in this wide, wide world, that you are feeling blessed and happy!!!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I am happy your blood work is looking good except for maybe the thyroid. I really need to go and have my blood work drawn again. Last time I have a bit of concern with my kidney function. Very boarder line thank Heavens.
I hope you have a fantastic day in the temple with that good husband of yours.
We just got home at 11 am from our temple shift. I so want a nap. It was a sweet day as usual.
Have a lovely weekend and blessings to you both.