Monday, July 21, 2014


Hola!  Things are slowing down here today, but the morning went racing by as did the afternoon.  I went swimming with Liz and her boys this morning.  I spent a good part of the time on the side holding Alex, who is still very afraid of the water.  But that was good because Liz was able to help Gabe with his swimming skills.  Taylor is swimming like a champ now.  That gives me a great deal of satisfaction.
After swimming I took them back to their home and then went to meet Kim in Meridian.  We had lunch at the Village and then we went looking at model homes.  It only reached 82 today so it was a nice day to tour houses.  Kim and Sean are looking to move somewhere bigger.  With seven kids they are feeling a little crunched.  It was fun looking at homes that neither of us could afford:)  We looked at homes by the river, which is way over priced.  As beautiful as it is I don't think I could live next to a river.  I would worry about dams breaking!  But it was fun to look.
Now I am home watching the horrible world news.  It is upsetting to me that they shot down a passenger plane.  This sort of thing could start a war!  What were they thinking?  Of course, it is still uncertain who "they" is.  And then the mess in the Gaza strip.  I really wish they could come to some peaceful agreement.  I had a friend at BYU who was a Palestinian/Utahn/LDS man.  He tried to explain it to me, all of the centuries of contention.  But I am afraid I still do not understand why people continue to hate each other so much.  It makes me sad.  I will never understand this part of mortality.  It is sad enough that people die, but much worse when they kill each other.  Life is too precious!
Well, I suppose it is better to just avoid these topics in a blog.  Just know that I would change things if I could!  Take care and I hope your part of cyberspace is peaceful and happy tonight!!!!  Have a wonderful family night!!!!!!  Melody


LeAnn said...

Wow, that looked like a really lovely day with your family. I wish I had some of my children closer.
The world is in a mess; but I look at it as signs of the time and that the Savior isn't too far away. We are watching prophesy being fulfilled.
Have a blessed 24th of July celebration.

singing/granny said...

You are absolutely right! We are witnessing the winding up of things. I think it is kind of scary, but I keep thinking, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear!" Then I look around and think what can I do today to be more prepared? There is always something!! I hope you have a fun pioneer day too! Melody