Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Making Plans

Good evening!  I just finished making reservations for our family reunion in Sunset Bay State Park.  It's in Oregon, and one of our favorite places.  I think everyone of our kids can come, except for Julie and her sweet family.  Oklahoma is kind of far.  But we have two months to talk them into it:)  It's only a three day car ride:)  But hopefully we will be making a trip out their way before too long.  I hope so anyway.
It is fun to think about a reunion, but stressful too.  I guess because I worry that it won't work, or something will happen that we can't know the scenario.  I guess I just need to have faith that the Lord will help us to make it happen.  And I notice that He always does help us.  I am so grateful for Him!!!
Today was a fun day.  I spent the morning at my paint brushes.  I ran out of Dawn detergent yesterday, so I didn't clean them as well as I should have.  So this morning I got some Dawn from the store, then came home and scrubbed those brushes clean!!!  I don't like using paint thinner, because it is so toxic.  Luckily I had fanatic teachers at school who agreed, and made us use baby oil and Dawn dish detergent:)  And a Scotch green scrubby.
The afternoon went well too.  Liz came over with her three boys, and we played in the water, gave Max a bath, and had ice cream cones.  It was so hot here today!  I think it reached 101 from the gauge on my car.  It was fun anyway.  I kind of like the heat, if there is air conditioning to escape to when it gets unbearable.  It reminds me of hot summers in Redding from my childhood.  And I guess living in Manteca was pretty warm too!
Well, that is all.  I hope things are happy and well in cyberspace this evening!  Take care and remember I am pulling for you!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Just keep those prayers going and that reunion will all fall into place. I was so thrilled that our reunion went so well.
Blessings and hugs!