Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Still At It!

Good evening!  I made a little progress on my painting.  But it's like one step forward, two steps back.  I will need to work on this a bit more to make it convincing.  It's fun anyway.  And it makes me think I have some purpose...that's definitely something that I need.
I got some melatonin and some zzzquil today.  I am so tired of being tired.  So I hope this works.  I think I was up five times last night!  Once with a very painful leg cramp.  So I am hoping I can take a little pill and sleep better.  We'll see.
I painted most of this morning, then went to take Mel some lunch.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon doing finances.  Mel reaches full retirement age on Thursday!  Yep, he'll be 66!  So he gets to collect social security.  I am kind of excited about this.  He keeps telling me it is HIS retirement money. But hey, I am so good at spending!  :)  I can think of all kinds of fun things to do with it.  But yes, it is his money, and so we will probably use it for very practical things.  But it's still fun to think about!!!
And that is today.  I hope all is well and fine in cyberspace this evening!  I am still pulling for you!!!  Have a most wonderful warm summery evening...unless of course you are reading this from south of the equator, and then it is probably the middle of winter:(  Sigh!  Take care and keep your stick on the ice!!!  Melody


LeAnn said...

Your painting is awesome. I know what it is like to have to get up during the night. I do hope you get some good rest to night.
I think it is awesome that you husband can get Social Security now. Did you ever work so that you will get SS too.
My husband and I went in and both opted for SSI and then deferred it and I am collecting a check from his. When we both reach 70 years old we will take it out and it will be more. However, I worry that with the government that something could happen to it. My husband is suppose to retire next year; I hope.
Here is the site for the bear lake cabin we had for our reunion. It was a very nice place.
Blessing and I hope you get a good nights sleep.

singing/granny said...

Thanks LeAnn. It is good to hear your comments. I think the SS money will be welcome! We are hoping to pay off all of our debts:) But like you we worry it might not be there as promised. So we figure we will use it to our best advantage while it is available.
Thanks for the email address. We will probably use it for next reunion, which will hopefully be for the extended family.
Take care! Blessings to you too!!! Melody

Jeri Pettingill said...

I am reading from south of the equator and enjoying news from Nampa, ID. It is winter here but when you live on the equator it is not cold (unless you are on the top of the Andes mountain range). Enjoy your family reunion!