Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Good day!  It has been a good Sunday here today.  We went to our own ward, then drove over to Boise to hear our daughter Kim talk in church.  It was a great talk.  And we saw some friends there in her ward...the Renell's.  Joanne and I used to be in the same ward in California when we were little girls and young teenagers.  And her dad was my brother's scout master.  It was fun to see them, although Jim's health is challenging for him.  He has had quite a fight with cancer, and is having to use a walker at present.  But he seemed happy and still very engaged with life.  They told us they will be moving back to California to her mom's house for a while.  Her folks have both passed away, and they are going to clean out their house.  We have done that for my great aunt and I know how much work it can be.  Anyway, I was so glad to see them before they leave.  Life seems to be in constant change and I was glad to be able to wish them well.
And for the rest of today we have been just resting and enjoying the Sabbath day.  Although Mel had to leave a while ago for a high council meeting.  It shouldn't be too long.  It is not a regularly scheduled meeting.  So when he gets home we will probably enjoy masterpiece theater or some such thing.  And then the week starts again.  Have I mentioned that time is passing waaayyyy too quickly?
So every day I think all through the day of things I want to be sure to write.  And I thought of Steinbeck, and Michener, and other authors, and wondered if they always felt like they had to write something before the day was over, or is that just a quirky thing I have?  I wanted to write about the river that my uncle Kenny had painted.  I wish so much I had just taken a picture.  I want to try the same thing....large river with ripples and current in the foreground, with scenery filling the rest of the canvas.  Only I think I want it to look like Idaho instead of Washington.  He had done this with oils, big, I'm sure I mentioned it in another post.  And I think I have the perfect photo to use as a reference.  So this will be my next painting I think.  I know I had said I wanted to paint a picture of Anna in the temple with the Savior, but I think I need a break from painting is so hard.  And I guess I mostly hope I can find the time to paint at all.  It just seems so busy!!!!!!!!
Well, anyway, I am hoping life is treating you well out in cyberspace!!!  Take care and have a wonderful evening!!!!!  Melody

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Days of Summer

Hola!  It's been a nice day stress.  Mel worked on the lawns and I did laundry.  Then we drove out to Glenn's Ferry to visit our daughter Amy and her sweet family.  It is about a two hour drive on the freeway, but we came home the back way, which is more like two and a half hours.  It is a beautiful drive along the Snake River.  There are quaint little towns like Bruneau, which is famous for its sand dunes,
and Grandview, which has a grand view of the river and is like an oasis of green before heading back into the desert.
 The road turns into a view of the Owyhees at it runs through the high plains desert that surrounds our area.  I used to hate that desert, but I have grown rather fond of the tall mountains and rolling plains, full of sage brush and different interesting rock formations.  There are quite a few buttes.  That's something I had never seen before we moved here.  My favorite is Lizard Butte near Marsing on the Snake River.  It really does look like a lizard.
Anyway, it was a nice day, with plenty of time to plan my next painting.  I may not finish the one I am working on as I got a little stalled on it.  It would probably be good to paint something I oceans and rivers.  I do love a good scene.  But I need to take a trip to the art store and get a few canvases.  I could make some, but I love the convenience of a ready made painting surface.  So I think I will make that my painting assignment next supplies!  I will search for some coupons.  It helps when I can get them at a discount.  Or I suppose I could order some online.  I have lots of time to think about this.  Such a nice switch from impending deadlines!  Although, those deadlines did help me to be more productive.
Well, I have had a good day, and tomorrow is Sunday, so another good day ahead.  I hope all is happy and well in cyberspace.  Life is continuing to whiz on by.  I can't believe that Fall is almost here...along with pumpkins and Halloween.  We have a few huge pumpkins in our field that our neighbor planted.  They are really cool!  So have a good evening!!!!  And remember I'm pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

Friday, August 29, 2014


Good afternoon/evening!  I have thought it might be fun to gather a few pictures of my sweet Morley, or Mel as I have always known him.  He is definitely the love of my life!  It has been fun to be married to him for the last 44 years.  And since today is our day of celebration, I thought I would share how lucky and blessed I feel to be married to such a fine man.  He really is wonderful.  Not just to me, but to my family and friends.  So here are a few photos of him that I love.
Mel as a cub scout.
As a high school student
As a high school graduate
Our engagement picture
My favorite picture of us together
I just want it down for the record that I love him now, and forever.  I feel so very blessed.  And that is all I need to say.  Happy Anniversary to my dear Morley Jones Weyerman!!!!!!!  Melody

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Very, very Old!!!!!

Hi!  I have been doing a catch up day today.  Mostly catching up on resting.  I did watch 2 year and 364 day old Alex.  It's his birthday tomorrow.  That was only for an hour.  Then I did the rest of my visiting teaching, that was a couple of hours.  But I came home from that feeling exhausted.  So I have just been laying around here with my feet up watching netflix.
Tomorrow is our anniversary....44 years!  It is hard to believe that so much time has gone by!!!!!  But it really has.  All I have to do to convince myself of that is to look in the mirror.  I am not that innocent young bride any longer.  But I hope I have become a little bit more like my mom and grandmas.  They were all such good women!  And they each aged beautifully.  Which makes me think I need to start back to weight watchers...sigh!  I guess it is all in how you perceive beauty.  So we really have no plans for the long weekend.  We are both kind of worn out from our trip:)  It sounds really nice to have dinner in and spend the weekend here at home.  I may get some steaks to barbecue or something nice.
I am fully aware that I have not been writing terribly well for a while now.  I did have a couple of things to share from the sign downtown.  Are you ready?  "Oily - the opposite of late."  And the other side..........hmmmmmmmmm.  I guess I will have to drive by it one more time.  It completely escapes me.  But I'm sure it was funny.
I could tell you how Taylor commented on my age yesterday.  I accidentally scraped myself when his text book fell off the table onto my shin.  Anyway, it started bleeding and Taylor said, "Wow, are you bleeding like that because you are so very, very old?"  I had to explain that NO, I was just on a blood thinner and so it made me bleed a little more easily than normal.  I liked the "very, very" part.  He is so funny.  He is always modifying his behavior to go along with his very old grandma.  Like I will say, "Slow down, you're walking way too fast!"  And he will say, "Oh yeah, I forgot you are old!"  It would make me feel bad if it wasn't so funny....and true!  Of course I don't feel as old as he thinks I am, but it's all relative.  I can remember a time when I thought teenagers were old!
Well, I guess this old granny had better whip up some grub for my old man who just got home from work.  I hope all is happy and well in cyberspace!!!!!!!!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVGreat evening!!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hola!  Things are back to rollicking normal around here. I am watching Curious George with Taylor and Alex while Liz and Adrian are shopping. It is fun to be a grandma but I am hoping they return soon. I have so much laundry from our trip. I've done a few loads but I have a few more to do. 
I did get some visiting teaching done. We will do the rest tomorrow. We have had a hard time this month because we have both been gone a lot. We have such nice ladies to visit I wouldn't want to miss anyone. 
A funny thing happened today. I got a chance to "pay it forward". A lady and her toddler ran out of gas downtown by Mel's shop. They needed a ride to the pharmacy and then home. I was glad to help. I felt so sorry for her though. As I talked to her I realized how very blessed and sheltered my life has been. Some people have it much harder. She was really struggling I think. I felt bad for her. I hope life treats her kinder in the future. 
Well I had better pay attention to these cute kids. Take care and remember I'm still pulling for you. HAVVVGW!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Good evening!  We're home again. It feels so nice to be here. Everything is so comfortable!  I guess that is the hardest part of being away. Not that I am spoiled or anything. But I love my own bed and my favorite chair. And my fridge!  And of course the washing machine. It's great to be able to feel clean and comfortable. Not that our trip wasn't great. I loved all we were able to see and do. And especially to be with so many people I adore. 
So I guess I am feeling pretty good tonight. I hope all is good for you and yours!  Melody

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Night the World Around

Good evening!  We are in Burns tonight...a little closer to home. Our car got fixed and we left Bend about 4 pm which didn't give us much travel time since our running lights are not working on the trailer and we can't travel at night. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway we should make it the rest of the way home tomorrow, only a day later than planned. And a little more rested. 
I think it has been a good experience to have a little glitch in our travels. It has helped me remember how unpredictable life can be. And that has made me more determined to get things in order. I have a few projects I need to work storage being one of them. It's not too terrible, but there is room for improvement. And family history. I think I will need to set a regular time for that. And a bunch more too numerous to list. I think I figure I have all the time in the world and so I put things off that should have a higher priority. Anyway it has been good to have an extra day for reflection. And I am ready to go home!
So nighty night. May all good things be yours!  (I am feeling generous). Melody

Sunday, August 24, 2014

When Upon Life's Billows

Good evening!  We are in Bend, Oregon tonight.  We had hoped to be closer to home, but our car quit.  We were about 50 miles past Bend, when the car overheated.  A kind young man stopped and helped us. He waited for the tow truck to come and tow our car and he pulled our trailer with his truck and followed us into town.  We couldn't believe how helpful he was!  Anyway, the car is in a shop here in town.  We won't know much until tomorrow when the shop opens.  In the meantime we are in a nice motel waiting it out.  Our trailer is full of all the kids sleeping bags and tents so we can't really use it.  Although if this drags on we may empty it out.  We will take one day at a time.
I enjoyed getting to know the two young men that helped us today.  Ty was the one who stopped.  We were actually the fourth people he helped today.  He said he felt inspired to help whomever needed help today.  He was a Godsend for us.  The second young man was the tow truck driver.  I rode back to town with him...about an hour I guess.  He told me he was leaving for Tennessee next week.  He has a job there.  I enjoyed hearing about his life and his cute family.  He showed me a picture of his wife and two children.  So even though it was not what we had planned, I enjoyed the day.  I guess we have a little time to get know Bend a little better.  I like this town, and I wasn't ready to end this vacation quite yet;)
Well, I am going to get some sleep!  Sweet dreams!  Melody

In the Light of the Gospel!

Good morning!  All is well on this beautiful Sabbath day!  We are back at my dad's since last night. The motel in Yakima had my case of meds, so I was able to pick them up on our way back here. And we had a good nights sleep. We are starting back home today. We will have to travel for two days to pull this trailer in a safe manner. And Mel is anxious to get back to work. 
I have had a wonderful time, but I am definitely ready to be home again....and paint!  I feel so inspired to get back to painting. It was great to see my uncles paintings, and it made me feel encouraged to go forward. He is still painting and he will be 93 in November. It makes me feel young!  I guess I get a little discouraged thinking I am too old to do well enough.  But it made me realize I can just do my best and keep learning to do better. 
Anyhow I just feel better this morning. I hope I can feel this way when real life sets in again. It does get a little busy and distracting with all the worries and demands of every day. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that strengthens me and continues to give me hope.  I will include a link to a great talk I read this morning when I get home. It is harder to do on my iPhone so I will not try:). I hope life is treating you well out there in cyberspace!!!  I'm still pulling for you!!!!  HAVVVVGreat Sabbath!!!!  Melody

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Party On!

Good morning!  It is beautiful and sunny here in Wenatchee. We had such a fun day yesterday visiting with my aunt and uncle and my dear sweet cousins and their families!  It is wonderful to celebrate 90 years of good living. My cousin Leslie has eight sons, and four of them were able to come!  They are all grown up now and it was fun to get to know them just a little better.  I have seen them a few times over the years but not often. They moved to Missouri in 1973. So it has been hard to visit.
My cousin Bret is a furniture/cabinet maker. He is making a bed from old organ pipes right now.  He is an artist in his own right!

My dad had such fun visiting with my uncle Ken. Me too!  I wish we could visit more, but life is beckoning us back to work.  But I took some photos to remember it all.

The birthday girl (in blue). My aunt Glynn. 

This is my beautiful cousin Leslie. She has always been a good friend to me!

So the party was great.  But when we got back to our hotel I discovered we were missing my bag with all my medicine and toiletries!   I think we must have accidentally left it in Yakima.  I tried calling the motel last night but they said to call back today when their housekeeping staff was in.  It's not super terrible, but I am a little worried because we are traveling and we sit for so long.  I haven't stressed too much cuz I take a blood thinner.  So I will make sure we stop often and walk around.  And I will pick up some aspirin somewhere this morning!  I guess there has to be a little opposition or it would all be way too wonderful!  I have really enjoyed this trip!
Anyway, I hope all is great wherever you may be in this wide and wondrous world!  I'm pulling for you!  HAVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hola!  We made it to Yakima.  Tomorrow we travel on to Wenatchee, WA. I am glad we had a week of relaxing (haha!) before taking this long trek.  My dad is doing well. Only minor confusion. The hardest thing is keeping him from driving. He drives around his little town and does quite well. But I worry about him where it is unfamiliar. So far I have been successful at talking him out of it.  For 91 he is remarkable!  And he is happy.  What an accomplishment!  He has always been a pretty optimistic person.  I am so blessed to have a father who is so good and kind.
We stopped in Portland to see my niece and her new baby. Then we drove along the Columbia gorge before we turned north. I will post a few photos. 

This last one is of the beach in Bandon. Soooooo beautiful!
Anyway it has been a long day. I even swam here at the motel pool to get some exercise. So it is definitely time to sleep.  Nighty night!  Melody

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A New Adventure

Hola!  We are at my dad's. All my kids are headed home or already there. It was a good reunion. All of our children came except for Julie. And quite a few of our grandchildren. I think everyone had a good time at least some of the time. There are always minor mishaps I suppose with a big group but nothing too serious. I am so glad we did this. It was worth the stress and worry. I think my favorite part was when my grandkids would come and find me to give me a hug and say, "I love you, Grandma."  They are such good grandkids!  I feel very blessed. 
So now for our next big adventure. Tomorrow we are headed toward Wenatchee, Washington. My moms brother lives there. It's his wife's 90th birthday. His son has invited us. I think there will be a big crowd. I haven't seen them for a very long time. My uncle is an artist. He is really good with watercolors and oils. So it will be fun to visit. I am excited for this. I know it will be especially  fun for my dad. But it is also confusing for him. It is a big deal to go away for a few days. Barb can't come because she is too frail. So they will miss each other. But it's only for a few days. And the change will be good for him I think. 
Well I had better sign off. I hope all is happy and bright in cyberspace!  Melody

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Fun Times

Another good day!  We drove to Bandon and went to Old Town by the pier for seafood. I had a crab sandwich. Then we  walked around the gift shops for a while. The kids all got souvenirs. Then we went on to the beach. Mel and I left the group to wander along the coastline. It is so beautiful. This is our last day. Everyone heads back home tomorrow. It's been so fun. Mel and I will go to my dad's and then on to Wenatchee for my aunts 90th birthday. So we are not headed home quite yet. Here are some photos from the last couple of days. 

So life seems good. It is so fun to be with family!  HAVVVGE!!!!  Melody

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wash Day

Today we did laundry. Yay. I love clean clothes and especially clean towels. Now we're in a funny burger place. The food looks good and greasy!
 We are all tired and hungry. I think we may head back to camp although it is foggy still. It is nice to me but the kids like sun. So we'll see. Still enjoying the company!!!  HAGW!!  Me


I am Sitting at the beach watching kids play. Kenny arrived at the Coos Bay airport just as church ended. Pretty good timing!  We are still loving it here. The fog is thick along the shore...sunny as soon as you drive into town. I love the fog...and the foghorns so it is all good. HAVVVGSunday!!!!!  Me. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Still Loving This!

It's a beautiful day here on the Oregon coast. There is some fog so the fog horns have been sounding all night. I love that sound, so it was great for me. But one of my daughters came to our camper late in the night wondering if it was a tsunami warning. There are signs up the coast directing you where to go in case of a tsunami and I guess it worried her a little. I'm glad it was only a foghorn. 
Today we are on our way to visit my dad. It will take a couple of hours to get there but it is quite a nice day...good for a drive. 
I am having so much fun I keep forgetting to take pictures. These are of Shore Acres state park. It is just up the hill from where we are staying. 
We spent the afternoon at the beach yesterday and the kids had so much fun playing in the surf. I love our little Sunset bay. It is just enough of wave action that the kids have fun and the parents don't panic. 
So life is good on this side of things. HAVVVV wonderful day!  Melody

Friday, August 15, 2014

Checking In

Good morning!  I am sitting on a cliff watching waves and listening to seals. We drove up here from our camp spot. It is Cape Arago. Mel took some of our grandsons on a walkabout which unfortunately my knees did not tolerate. But this is fun and very relaxing. And joyfully I discovered my phone works here. So I have been catching up on Facebook. And reading blogs and other cyberspace stuff. I am enjoying our trip. Although last night we spent in the ER with Amy. She got a UTI and was pretty miserable. But now she is on antibiotics and feeling much better. We took her to Bandon on a windy road called Seven Devils road. Mel said the devils must have been drunk!  The road was very windy. 
Well the boys are back. HAVVVGW!!!!  Me

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Loving It!

Hola!  The beach is great!  However, we are sitting at Walmart. No not kidding. Mel and Amy had a need for the internet. Next we are headed for the Coos Bay art gallery. They have a maritime art exhibit I am excited to see. Anyway it is all fun. Everyone is either here or on their way. I am so glad we are here!!!  Hope all is well in cyberspace!  HAVVVVGW!!!!!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


We made it to Sisters!  It's a cute town outside of Bend. So now we are settling in. We had a bit of a scare near Burns. We ran out of gas!  Luckily Amy is following us so we weren't stranded...just embarrassed!!  Oh well. We didn't realize the gas mileage would be so different pulling a trailer....
So good night. Sweet dreams!  Me

The wild blue yonder!

Here we go!  I love that I can do this on my phone!  I am sitting in the car at the post office while Mel checks his PO box. Have a gut wan!  Me

Monday, August 11, 2014


Good merry morning!  I am feeling a little pushed, trying to get all things in order around here, and everything else packed.  I am thinking I may pass on the fair paintings.  It is just too much for today.  I didn't know about it until Saturday, and I have too much to do to get them framed.  The fair has special requirements that are just a little too much for today.  Oh well.  I will still enter the church's art contest in November.  And then I can concentrate on the more important things for Kim's 40th birthday.  We are meeting at noon, so that should be fun.  And in the meantime I am taking deep breaths and telling myself it is all good. :)  And it is.
Yesterday in Relief Society, we had a new lady in our ward give the lesson.  She is a fireball.  Her husband is in the stake presidency.  She has seven girls...the oldest is about 14 I think.  She is a former volleyball player and still coaches.  She gave the lesson like a pep talk.  It was so good!  She talked about Celestial marriage.  I think I learned a few things.  And it made me more empathetic towards her. She also had to give a talk in sacrament meeting...her husband was on a stake assignment so he wasn't there.  And today is the first day of school for her children.  I think I would have been a little flustered.  But she seemed to be keeping it together.  I admire her energy and enthusiasm for life.  It did make me feel a little old though.  I think I used to have energy like that...once upon a time.  I keep thinking of the scripture, "To everything, there is a season."  It is definitely so.
Well, I had better get packing.  I just wanted to send out a cheery hello.  I may not be able to do much blogging in the next couple of weeks.  So have a wonderful day, and a marvelous week!!!!  And remember I'm pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Good Sabbath!  I have a few minutes before we leave for church, so I thought I would jot down some of the things that have happened around here.  Actually they happened on the road:)  We drove up to Cascade on Friday for our empty nester's getaway.  As we were traveling we noticed that half of Idaho had also decided to escape to the mountains for the weekend.  The road was very crowded, and as we approached Smith's Ferry the cars all came to a stop.  Then we sat there for quite a while.  The truck in front of us had two girls in the back seat who turned around to see us.  I waved.  They waved.  Mel waved.  Then I took a picture.
They liked that and started drawing things with their hands in the air.  Mostly hearts.  It was cute.  I would guess they were like 8 and 10.  We sent hand signals for about a half an hour while the traffic slowly inched along.  It was fun.  But then the road cleared near Round Valley and so our game ended as the traffic went back to normal speeds.
Once we got up to Cascade we had lots of fun with friends in our empty nester's group.  We arrived just as dinner was being served!  Lots of fresh veggies from everyone's gardens.  I especially enjoyed the corn!  We also had chicken and a million desserts.  It was way too much food.  Afterwards, I was tired and opted out of games, but most people played cards or board games.  I think they stayed up quite late, but Mel and I went to our motel and got some sleep!  Next morning we arrived in time for breakfast, which was yummy!  Our home teacher who was up there is a good cook, and he had made scones!  They were really good.  We also had regular breakfast foods.  Then we visited some more.  And then Mel and I left to go up to McCall.  It was a beautiful day at the lake, although somewhat smokey from all of the fires burning up the forests in Oregon and Idaho.  I got a few nice photos to remember the day.

 This morning, I have been reviewing the rules for entering art in the Western Idaho State Fair.  I think I am going to enter three paintings.  Two of them are watercolors I did some years ago.  The third is a still life I did for my oil painting class.  I am being prodded by an artist friend of mine.  She is going to enter some of her stuff.  It makes tomorrow kind of crowded with so much to do already for our trip, and then having to take paintings into Boise.  But it is Kim's 40th birthday tomorrow, and I am going into town anyway, so I have decided to enter these.  I am not sure it is a good idea.  But mostly I am still afraid people will hate my work.  So I guess it is important to overcome those feelings of insecurity.  These are the three I am planning to enter.

I still have to stick a couple of them in frames and get them ready to hang.  But it might be kind of fun. Or it might be humiliating:)  I will be gone the whole time the fair is on, so that will be a little weird.  But oh well.  I guess I have to get over this irrational fear I have...especially if I ever want to do anything with this talent.
Well, I had better wake Mel up and get to church.  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Dodge

Good morning!  It is bright and sunny here today.  And we are going to get out of Dodge!  Just for one night.  Our empty nester's group goes up to a ranch in Cascade once or twice a year.  It is a beautiful ranch with a large home that is fun for all who come.  We love sitting out on the back porch and visiting with the other couples and singles who come up there.  Anyway, we are staying the night in the Ashley Inn:)  It is a little more expensive than spending the night at the ranch, but there are a lot more people coming this year, and we both value our privacy!  And besides, warm cookies and milk in the evening are kind of nice!!!  I think it is an unusual and fun getaway.  The timing is not perfect since we are starting our bigger getaway on Tuesday, but it is all good.  This is definitely not roughing it!  Whereas the camping on the beach may not be quite as comfortable.  At any rate, I wanted to wish all a gut wan before we take off.  I hope all is cheery and bright in cyberspace today.  Take care!!!!!  Melody

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Calmer Today

Hi!  Things are looking brighter today.  It helps to start the day by going to the temple!  It is a real source of peace and comfort for me.  I can see the whole picture, and so the things that are worrying me seem smaller and less threatening.  I am so thankful for the temple!  Here are a few photos from the temple renovation.  It is so beautiful inside as well as out.
The temple at night
The Celestial Room
The foyer
Did I already mention that Mel and I have been called as the teachers for the temple preparation classes?  It is a series of seven lessons about the temple.  I think it will be a nice calling.
The rest of today I have been doing things to get ready for our big trip.  One of the things I am kind of excited about...I visited the AT&T store.  I have been going to do this for months, to straighten out our billing.  We are charged so much, and don't use all that we are charged for.  By going in today I saved us $75 a month!  I don't know why I have put this off.  And also we will have a hot spot on our phones now for our ipads, which will make them usable.  I never take mine anywhere, because it is wifi dependent.  Now it will use my phone as a hot spot when we are in remote areas.  So that will be great. Of course, there may be no service at the campground we are going to for the next week or so.  It is right on the ocean.  And yes!  I am so excited to go.  I love the ocean.  Here is a peek at the camp ground and beach where we will be staying.
The beach

Sunset at Sunset Bay
Typical camping spot

The Gardens
Did I already share this?  Sorry if I have.  I am just so excited!  We have stayed here before with our kids before our oldest got married.  So it is a fun place to join up again.
The other thing that is going on is a reunion for my cousins up in Washington.  It is my aunt's birthday...she will be 90.  So Mel and I will be taking my dad up for that.  It will be an eventful couple of weeks.  We have not had such a long vacation in quite a long time.  Mel is a little nervous to leave his business....but I think he has some pretty reliable employees who can keep things going.
Anyway, that is my day today.  I hope things are happy and well in cyberspace.  Have a most enjoyable evening!!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Done with Today!!!!!!!!

Hola!  It's been a long day.  I am pretty tired.  And I guess a little discouraged.  But thankfully I can go to sleep and forget the worries of the day.
On a positive note, I saw a post on Facebook this morning and it made me smile. It was a video about a retirement home that connected with kids in South America learning to speak English.  It was an amazing thing how the older people gave so much encouragement to the younger people...and reached across the world in kindness.  I think the world would be a better place if more of this kind of communication took place!  You might be able to see it here. Video  It is the one from May 24.
Also I have discovered a song for the choir next time we sing.  It is an arrangement by Rob Gardner..."Savior, Redeemer of My Soul."  Here is a link to that if you want to listen.  Savior Redeemer of My Soul.  I think it will be inspiring.  I love this rendition by Dallyn Bayles.  He is quite an amazing vocalist!  And a good performer.  I have seen him perform in person several times.  You may recognize him from films done by the church.
Well, I had better get some sleep.  I hope all is well in cyberspace!!!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Melody

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stormy Weather

Good afternoon!  It has been a bit interesting around here the last couple of weeks, and especially the last couple of days.  I think the drama is subsiding now.  At least I hope so.  It is so hard when grown children have problems....they never seem simple or easy to solve.  It makes me long for the day when the worst decision was whether to wash the whites or the darks:)  Hmmm.  I always seem to have a laundry or dishes theme.  Sorry about that!
I think I may get back to painting here soon.  I keep thinking I will, but like I said the drama has been a little intense.  So I have had to put it off.  It is OK though.  I had such a calm reassurance that all would be well when we were in the temple the last time....and that when I painted again it would be with more confidence.  I am looking forward to that!  I think if I painted today, it would be like that bad hurricane painting I painted a few years back...don't remember?  Here it is:)
This really makes me laugh.  It started out as a calm, sunny watercolor, but it soon was resembling the feelings I had at the time....because of my grown up kids.  It's funny.  I have talked to other mothers my age, and most of us agree....teenagers were a breeze compared to adult children!  Here is another painting from that time....same thing happened.  The more I painted the stormier it got!

Perhaps a good stormy painting would help me to calm down a little.  I may try it.  Although at present the thing I need most is a nice long nap.  So I may try that first.
Anyway, I hope things are wonderful out in cyberspace today.  Take care and keep smiling!!!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Cheery Message :)

Good merry morning!  I am sitting here with sweat dripping down my face!  No, I have not been to the gym...just out to my garden to pull some weeds before it got up to 100 again today.  It is kind of a sad little garden this year.  It has been too hot to work in it much, but the weeds don't mind.  They love the heat!  So, unless you look very close it looks like it is all weeds.  But this morning I was able to bring in cherry tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peppers.  So despite the weeds, we still are getting vegetables. And we also have melons, but they aren't quite ripe enough.  And the watermelons have a long ways to go before they are done.
Yesterday was a lovely day surprisingly.  I brought my bag of tricks to church (puzzle books, colored pencils, paper, treats, etc.) and the kids all sat quietly through church!  I was amazed!!!!  Then they all went to class!  That was another amazing feat.  I am grateful for dedicated primary teachers!  I told Mel afterwards that I really needed church!  It was such an uplifting break!  After church we went to my grandson, Aaron's, ordination to the priesthood.  That was very special!  He is a sweet young man.  Here's a photo of him with Kim and Sean and his siblings.
Then we came home, fed the boys, and took them back to their mom and dad's.  That felt awfully good.  We enjoyed having them, but we both agreed....we are too old for toddlers!  I am still exhausted today. Alex is adorable, but he is into everything!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a relief to not have to keep an eye on him this morning.  I admire all of those mothers out there who keep up the constant vigil.  I did it once or twice, but it was a very long time ago!
And so life continues on.  I think it is definitely speeding up.  We only have a week before we will be packing up for the coast.  I am excited for our family reunion.  It should be lots of fun!  My dad is looking forward to seeing all of us too.  We will be camping at the coast, but it is only about an hour and a half from his house.  So we should be able to visit.  Barb is too ill to travel, but we can do the traveling!  So I am very excited.  I have lots to do in the mean time, but I am glad to have this to look forward to.
Well, I hope things are swell in your neck of the woods today.  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody