Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A New Adventure

Hola!  We are at my dad's. All my kids are headed home or already there. It was a good reunion. All of our children came except for Julie. And quite a few of our grandchildren. I think everyone had a good time at least some of the time. There are always minor mishaps I suppose with a big group but nothing too serious. I am so glad we did this. It was worth the stress and worry. I think my favorite part was when my grandkids would come and find me to give me a hug and say, "I love you, Grandma."  They are such good grandkids!  I feel very blessed. 
So now for our next big adventure. Tomorrow we are headed toward Wenatchee, Washington. My moms brother lives there. It's his wife's 90th birthday. His son has invited us. I think there will be a big crowd. I haven't seen them for a very long time. My uncle is an artist. He is really good with watercolors and oils. So it will be fun to visit. I am excited for this. I know it will be especially  fun for my dad. But it is also confusing for him. It is a big deal to go away for a few days. Barb can't come because she is too frail. So they will miss each other. But it's only for a few days. And the change will be good for him I think. 
Well I had better sign off. I hope all is happy and bright in cyberspace!  Melody

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