Friday, August 29, 2014


Good afternoon/evening!  I have thought it might be fun to gather a few pictures of my sweet Morley, or Mel as I have always known him.  He is definitely the love of my life!  It has been fun to be married to him for the last 44 years.  And since today is our day of celebration, I thought I would share how lucky and blessed I feel to be married to such a fine man.  He really is wonderful.  Not just to me, but to my family and friends.  So here are a few photos of him that I love.
Mel as a cub scout.
As a high school student
As a high school graduate
Our engagement picture
My favorite picture of us together
I just want it down for the record that I love him now, and forever.  I feel so very blessed.  And that is all I need to say.  Happy Anniversary to my dear Morley Jones Weyerman!!!!!!!  Melody

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