Friday, August 15, 2014

Checking In

Good morning!  I am sitting on a cliff watching waves and listening to seals. We drove up here from our camp spot. It is Cape Arago. Mel took some of our grandsons on a walkabout which unfortunately my knees did not tolerate. But this is fun and very relaxing. And joyfully I discovered my phone works here. So I have been catching up on Facebook. And reading blogs and other cyberspace stuff. I am enjoying our trip. Although last night we spent in the ER with Amy. She got a UTI and was pretty miserable. But now she is on antibiotics and feeling much better. We took her to Bandon on a windy road called Seven Devils road. Mel said the devils must have been drunk!  The road was very windy. 
Well the boys are back. HAVVVGW!!!!  Me

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