Sunday, August 24, 2014

In the Light of the Gospel!

Good morning!  All is well on this beautiful Sabbath day!  We are back at my dad's since last night. The motel in Yakima had my case of meds, so I was able to pick them up on our way back here. And we had a good nights sleep. We are starting back home today. We will have to travel for two days to pull this trailer in a safe manner. And Mel is anxious to get back to work. 
I have had a wonderful time, but I am definitely ready to be home again....and paint!  I feel so inspired to get back to painting. It was great to see my uncles paintings, and it made me feel encouraged to go forward. He is still painting and he will be 93 in November. It makes me feel young!  I guess I get a little discouraged thinking I am too old to do well enough.  But it made me realize I can just do my best and keep learning to do better. 
Anyhow I just feel better this morning. I hope I can feel this way when real life sets in again. It does get a little busy and distracting with all the worries and demands of every day. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that strengthens me and continues to give me hope.  I will include a link to a great talk I read this morning when I get home. It is harder to do on my iPhone so I will not try:). I hope life is treating you well out there in cyberspace!!!  I'm still pulling for you!!!!  HAVVVVGreat Sabbath!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I am so happy that all went well with your family reunion and your visit with Dad and family.
I will look forward to you back painting again. I was wondering if you were inspired to paint something from your trip. You did post some great pictures
Be safe on your trip back and blessings for all!