Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Days of Summer

Hola!  It's been a nice day stress.  Mel worked on the lawns and I did laundry.  Then we drove out to Glenn's Ferry to visit our daughter Amy and her sweet family.  It is about a two hour drive on the freeway, but we came home the back way, which is more like two and a half hours.  It is a beautiful drive along the Snake River.  There are quaint little towns like Bruneau, which is famous for its sand dunes,
and Grandview, which has a grand view of the river and is like an oasis of green before heading back into the desert.
 The road turns into a view of the Owyhees at it runs through the high plains desert that surrounds our area.  I used to hate that desert, but I have grown rather fond of the tall mountains and rolling plains, full of sage brush and different interesting rock formations.  There are quite a few buttes.  That's something I had never seen before we moved here.  My favorite is Lizard Butte near Marsing on the Snake River.  It really does look like a lizard.
Anyway, it was a nice day, with plenty of time to plan my next painting.  I may not finish the one I am working on as I got a little stalled on it.  It would probably be good to paint something I oceans and rivers.  I do love a good scene.  But I need to take a trip to the art store and get a few canvases.  I could make some, but I love the convenience of a ready made painting surface.  So I think I will make that my painting assignment next supplies!  I will search for some coupons.  It helps when I can get them at a discount.  Or I suppose I could order some online.  I have lots of time to think about this.  Such a nice switch from impending deadlines!  Although, those deadlines did help me to be more productive.
Well, I have had a good day, and tomorrow is Sunday, so another good day ahead.  I hope all is happy and well in cyberspace.  Life is continuing to whiz on by.  I can't believe that Fall is almost here...along with pumpkins and Halloween.  We have a few huge pumpkins in our field that our neighbor planted.  They are really cool!  So have a good evening!!!!  And remember I'm pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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