Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Night the World Around

Good evening!  We are in Burns tonight...a little closer to home. Our car got fixed and we left Bend about 4 pm which didn't give us much travel time since our running lights are not working on the trailer and we can't travel at night. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway we should make it the rest of the way home tomorrow, only a day later than planned. And a little more rested. 
I think it has been a good experience to have a little glitch in our travels. It has helped me remember how unpredictable life can be. And that has made me more determined to get things in order. I have a few projects I need to work storage being one of them. It's not too terrible, but there is room for improvement. And family history. I think I will need to set a regular time for that. And a bunch more too numerous to list. I think I figure I have all the time in the world and so I put things off that should have a higher priority. Anyway it has been good to have an extra day for reflection. And I am ready to go home!
So nighty night. May all good things be yours!  (I am feeling generous). Melody

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LeAnn said...

Oh Melody, we are a like in this one. I too am working on my priorities and I need to get them in order.
Blessings for a safe trip home.