Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday Evening Post

Gute nacht!  It has been a long day, filled with backyard fun and tired knees!  Alex, 2, played in the backyard with the hose, spraying everything most of the morning.  I had a hard time persuading him to come in for lunch.  He doesn't have a backyard at their apartment so it is great fun for him here.  But I am not so good at keeping track of a two year old.  I am glad Mel was here helping.  The older boys are pretty cooperative and easy and I think they enjoyed not having any chores and just playing games.  They are all asleep now.  And I am kind of dreading church tomorrow with a two year old.  I am not sure how to keep him happy and quiet.  Mel will probably be sitting up front for stake business.  I am anticipating foyer fun.  It all goes by so quickly though, it will soon be tomorrow night!
We did have a fun experience with family search.  Taylor was saying how he'd never seen his ancestors, so I opened up our pedigree chart and let him play on it.  He was very excited to find his ancestors from long ago.  And then he found a princess and a king or two and got really excited.  We will have to do more tomorrow while he is interested.  He is so quick with the computer!
Well, I hope life is good to you out in cyberspace.  HAGreat night!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I think that is so fun that you are doing some family history work with your grandson. I would love that. Yes, I can understand the struggles with a two year old in church. I have a new calling. I am the Sunbeam teacher and I have three little boys. For the past few Sunday's I only have two. However, one of the little boys is like having 3 more. I am exhausted and need nap; when we get home. This is a challenge for me right now. However, they are so precious.