Monday, August 11, 2014


Good merry morning!  I am feeling a little pushed, trying to get all things in order around here, and everything else packed.  I am thinking I may pass on the fair paintings.  It is just too much for today.  I didn't know about it until Saturday, and I have too much to do to get them framed.  The fair has special requirements that are just a little too much for today.  Oh well.  I will still enter the church's art contest in November.  And then I can concentrate on the more important things for Kim's 40th birthday.  We are meeting at noon, so that should be fun.  And in the meantime I am taking deep breaths and telling myself it is all good. :)  And it is.
Yesterday in Relief Society, we had a new lady in our ward give the lesson.  She is a fireball.  Her husband is in the stake presidency.  She has seven girls...the oldest is about 14 I think.  She is a former volleyball player and still coaches.  She gave the lesson like a pep talk.  It was so good!  She talked about Celestial marriage.  I think I learned a few things.  And it made me more empathetic towards her. She also had to give a talk in sacrament meeting...her husband was on a stake assignment so he wasn't there.  And today is the first day of school for her children.  I think I would have been a little flustered.  But she seemed to be keeping it together.  I admire her energy and enthusiasm for life.  It did make me feel a little old though.  I think I used to have energy like that...once upon a time.  I keep thinking of the scripture, "To everything, there is a season."  It is definitely so.
Well, I had better get packing.  I just wanted to send out a cheery hello.  I may not be able to do much blogging in the next couple of weeks.  So have a wonderful day, and a marvelous week!!!!  And remember I'm pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Yes, we certainly do have seasons of life and we are together on that one; except I think I am a bit older.
It is interesting to meet individuals and see how they are fairing with their own life and it's great when it is positive thoughts.
Have a wonderful family adventure and I will love reading whenever you have time to post.
Blessings be with you and your dear family.