Sunday, August 10, 2014


Good Sabbath!  I have a few minutes before we leave for church, so I thought I would jot down some of the things that have happened around here.  Actually they happened on the road:)  We drove up to Cascade on Friday for our empty nester's getaway.  As we were traveling we noticed that half of Idaho had also decided to escape to the mountains for the weekend.  The road was very crowded, and as we approached Smith's Ferry the cars all came to a stop.  Then we sat there for quite a while.  The truck in front of us had two girls in the back seat who turned around to see us.  I waved.  They waved.  Mel waved.  Then I took a picture.
They liked that and started drawing things with their hands in the air.  Mostly hearts.  It was cute.  I would guess they were like 8 and 10.  We sent hand signals for about a half an hour while the traffic slowly inched along.  It was fun.  But then the road cleared near Round Valley and so our game ended as the traffic went back to normal speeds.
Once we got up to Cascade we had lots of fun with friends in our empty nester's group.  We arrived just as dinner was being served!  Lots of fresh veggies from everyone's gardens.  I especially enjoyed the corn!  We also had chicken and a million desserts.  It was way too much food.  Afterwards, I was tired and opted out of games, but most people played cards or board games.  I think they stayed up quite late, but Mel and I went to our motel and got some sleep!  Next morning we arrived in time for breakfast, which was yummy!  Our home teacher who was up there is a good cook, and he had made scones!  They were really good.  We also had regular breakfast foods.  Then we visited some more.  And then Mel and I left to go up to McCall.  It was a beautiful day at the lake, although somewhat smokey from all of the fires burning up the forests in Oregon and Idaho.  I got a few nice photos to remember the day.

 This morning, I have been reviewing the rules for entering art in the Western Idaho State Fair.  I think I am going to enter three paintings.  Two of them are watercolors I did some years ago.  The third is a still life I did for my oil painting class.  I am being prodded by an artist friend of mine.  She is going to enter some of her stuff.  It makes tomorrow kind of crowded with so much to do already for our trip, and then having to take paintings into Boise.  But it is Kim's 40th birthday tomorrow, and I am going into town anyway, so I have decided to enter these.  I am not sure it is a good idea.  But mostly I am still afraid people will hate my work.  So I guess it is important to overcome those feelings of insecurity.  These are the three I am planning to enter.

I still have to stick a couple of them in frames and get them ready to hang.  But it might be kind of fun. Or it might be humiliating:)  I will be gone the whole time the fair is on, so that will be a little weird.  But oh well.  I guess I have to get over this irrational fear I have...especially if I ever want to do anything with this talent.
Well, I had better wake Mel up and get to church.  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Your paintings are lovely and I know they will do well at the fair. I am so glad you are entering them.
I think that is such an awesome activity for an Empty Nester's group. I wish we had one in our ward. Since being off our mission; we don't really have close friends right now. There are some new older couples we need to meet and do something social with. My husband isn't very social in someways; so we will see how that goes.
Loved all our pictures and I hope you had a wonderful Sabbath day.
Blessings and hugs!