Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Good day!  It has been a good Sunday here today.  We went to our own ward, then drove over to Boise to hear our daughter Kim talk in church.  It was a great talk.  And we saw some friends there in her ward...the Renell's.  Joanne and I used to be in the same ward in California when we were little girls and young teenagers.  And her dad was my brother's scout master.  It was fun to see them, although Jim's health is challenging for him.  He has had quite a fight with cancer, and is having to use a walker at present.  But he seemed happy and still very engaged with life.  They told us they will be moving back to California to her mom's house for a while.  Her folks have both passed away, and they are going to clean out their house.  We have done that for my great aunt and I know how much work it can be.  Anyway, I was so glad to see them before they leave.  Life seems to be in constant change and I was glad to be able to wish them well.
And for the rest of today we have been just resting and enjoying the Sabbath day.  Although Mel had to leave a while ago for a high council meeting.  It shouldn't be too long.  It is not a regularly scheduled meeting.  So when he gets home we will probably enjoy masterpiece theater or some such thing.  And then the week starts again.  Have I mentioned that time is passing waaayyyy too quickly?
So every day I think all through the day of things I want to be sure to write.  And I thought of Steinbeck, and Michener, and other authors, and wondered if they always felt like they had to write something before the day was over, or is that just a quirky thing I have?  I wanted to write about the river that my uncle Kenny had painted.  I wish so much I had just taken a picture.  I want to try the same thing....large river with ripples and current in the foreground, with scenery filling the rest of the canvas.  Only I think I want it to look like Idaho instead of Washington.  He had done this with oils, big, I'm sure I mentioned it in another post.  And I think I have the perfect photo to use as a reference.  So this will be my next painting I think.  I know I had said I wanted to paint a picture of Anna in the temple with the Savior, but I think I need a break from painting is so hard.  And I guess I mostly hope I can find the time to paint at all.  It just seems so busy!!!!!!!!
Well, anyway, I am hoping life is treating you well out in cyberspace!!!  Take care and have a wonderful evening!!!!!  Melody

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