Friday, August 8, 2014

The Dodge

Good morning!  It is bright and sunny here today.  And we are going to get out of Dodge!  Just for one night.  Our empty nester's group goes up to a ranch in Cascade once or twice a year.  It is a beautiful ranch with a large home that is fun for all who come.  We love sitting out on the back porch and visiting with the other couples and singles who come up there.  Anyway, we are staying the night in the Ashley Inn:)  It is a little more expensive than spending the night at the ranch, but there are a lot more people coming this year, and we both value our privacy!  And besides, warm cookies and milk in the evening are kind of nice!!!  I think it is an unusual and fun getaway.  The timing is not perfect since we are starting our bigger getaway on Tuesday, but it is all good.  This is definitely not roughing it!  Whereas the camping on the beach may not be quite as comfortable.  At any rate, I wanted to wish all a gut wan before we take off.  I hope all is cheery and bright in cyberspace today.  Take care!!!!!  Melody

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