Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Glass Half Full

Good merry morning!  I am feeling much better today.  And I found a 40% off coupon for our little art store in Boise!  Which means I may go over and get a few canvases today.  I think that will be fun.
And so my day begins.  I have decided I have to get back to a better art schedule.  It is so easy to put it off.  I hope it doesn't mean I am really not much of an artist, but I suppose it does.  I think I like wife, mother, daughter and sister better.  Oh and I can't forget grandma....I think that may be first.  But that's OK.  I still love painting.  But I will definitely have to schedule it in.
I have been planning a couple of getaways in the last couple of days.  We are going to the Oregon coast again.  My brother and his wife are going to meet my dad, and they hoped we might come and meet them.  So we are!  I am excited to go again.  And this time we are flying and then renting a car.  It makes it lots easier.  And then in October we are going to see Kenny.  He lives in San Jose.  So that will be fun.
So life looks pretty good this morning.  And I am wishing you a very, very, very, very gut wan!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Yes, you do need to schedule art time. I always loved to see your art work.
Your two trips sound awesome. It seems that our trips are mainly to see children. Right now we have 8 games to try and see that our grandchildren play in. It means traveling up to Idaho for 4 days and we will see one game a day. The other 4 games will be at various times nearer us. I do love those grandchildren.
Blessings for you!