Saturday, September 20, 2014


Good day!  It has been a nice day today. I spent most of my day with Mel. Except for the time he spent sprucing up the yard. I spent that time inside doing the laundry and working on a company logo. I made it easy on myself and used an online program. It was kind of fun.  I did learn a little about logos in my graphic design class, but not enough.  So it was good to find help online. 
Tonight are our stake conference meetings. Mel is already at the leadership meeting that started at 4. Then we have a 7 o'clock meeting. I don't think we get to sit together though, since he has to sit on the stand.  They broadcast this from the stake center to two other buildings, so they asked him to sit on the stand at one of the other buildings.  I will go to the same building and wave at him from the audience. It reminds me of a speaker we had in church last week.  He was signing to his wife from the stand!  It was kind of cute. I couldn't understand anything they were saying to each other, but I think it may have been about how nervous he was feeling.  He hadn't given a talk for a few years. I guess we all get a turn at that. It does seem like some people get called upon to talk more often than others. I am knocking on wood!  I would rather be someone who doesn't have to talk very often.
I got a request for a children's book!  From my grandson, Sebastian. I guess he was feeling left out since I made one for his brother. I am thinking something with armor and swords.  He likes that sort of thing. And it sounds fun to do.  Maybe even with a pirate ship!  I will think on it for a bit.  It sounds fun to draw.
So I am sending well wishes out to cyberspace tonight!  Have a good night!  Me

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LeAnn said...

We just had our stake conference last week and they changed the Stake Presidency. It was such a wonderful conference. My husband had to give the closing prayer and he was worried about it but did great. It was an emotional meeting because we all loved the Stake Presidency so much. One of the counselors was chosen to as the new Stake President. The spirit was so strong I cried through most of it.
I am sure you also had a great meeting. It's nice you could wave at your hubby and be in the same room for it.