Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Backwards Poetry?

Good evening!  I haven't been feeling all that great today.  I did notice the sign downtown again, but it doesn't seem all that funny.  But here goes anyway.  Ready?  "A backwards poet works inverse."  Or something like that.  The trouble is that I am not sure what is meant by a backwards poet.  Oh well.
I started the day feeling pretty good.  I got a few things done around here and then I drove over to Boise to buy some temple clothing.  And I met Mel for lunch over there because he had some business to do over there today.  I really felt just great.
But then I drove home.  I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the horrible event of the day....the beheading of that young journalist....and I guess it really got to me.  I feel so bad for him and his family.  And it feels like the world is changing for the worse.  I was listening to a talk the other day, I'm not sure who I was listening to, but he was saying how this is the great day of Satan's power, but also that it was equally the great day of the Lord's power, and that we must not forget or get discouraged.  I need to remember that.  I think it all kind of got to me because by the time I reached home I just wanted to climb in bed.  I think I also still get tired easily, but it wasn't until later I realized what it was that had changed my mood.  And then I listened to the rest of the news.  It is a little scary all around the world just now.  So I guess I need to immerse myself in good things, like the scriptures and general conference talks.  It is so easy to lose perspective.
Anyway, I guess I just needed to write about it.  It makes me more resolved to do good things.  I hope things are well and happy where ever you may be in cyberspace.  I'm still pulling for you!!!!!!!  We're all in this together!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

You know I got all upset by that news, also. We really are living in a evil time but I know it is a great time also. It is so amazing to watch prophecy unfold. I am grateful we can watch for those signs and know that our Savior coming is near.
Blessings and hugs for you!