Monday, September 29, 2014

Being a Disciple

Good morning!  It is a gray day here today, with some rain, and it has definitely turned to colder weather.  Watching the news last night I felt quite grateful for the weather we are having.  It seems like Arizona may turn tropical if the rain doesn't let up there!  I suppose that weather will continue to be interesting as we progress through these latter days.
So I had to write to tell you about these amazing young men in our ward.  I was asked to teach the ll and turning 12 year old boys in our primary.  They are such an impressive group!  There are about 10 of them.  And they are so fun to teach.  I absolutely love their enthusiasm for the gospel!  Yesterday the lesson was on Naaman in the Old Testament.   He's the Syrian soldier who had leprosy and went to the prophet Elisha to be healed.  One of the boys volunteered to tell the whole story, and he did an amazing job.  And where he wasn't certain of the details, there were others who filled in the blanks.  But the best part was when we were discussing how it applied to their lives now.  They really understand.  We were talking about prophets, so I told them my story about President Monson, how I had felt like unseen angels accompanied him to the Marriott Center at Women's Conference a few years back.  They paid such close attention, and really listened.  They are very close to the Spirit, and want to be worthy Aaronic priesthood holders.  One of them just received the priesthood a couple of weeks ago.  And he told how much he loved passing the sacrament.  He even bore his testimony in fast meeting!  He is so sweet!  After class, one of the boys came up to me and said how glad he was that I taught their class.  I have taught that class a few times, and I am always so impressed with their spiritual strength!  If they are typical of the young men growing up in the church, there will be quite an army for good in the world!!!!!!!
I guess I also love them because they are so good to my grandson Taylor, whenever he comes with us to church.  They are inclusive and make him feel like he is a part of the group.  It warms my heart!  I think they are really trying to be disciples of Christ!
I haven't written about the amazing meeting we had with the Nazarene church last Thursday.  The Nazarene college here in town invited two Mormons to be on a panel with two Nazarene professors.  They invited Bro. Millet, who is a marvelous speaker.  He has written over 70 books, and has done a great deal of work trying to promote better relations between the LDS church and other churches.  There was also a young woman on the panel....a convert....who was also very knowledgeable and was able to answer questions intelligently.  It was a most fascinating panel discussion.  First each of them addressed what they felt were similarities and differences between our two faiths.  And then they talked about other things that people had questions about.  I came away with a better understanding of why Evangelical religions don't believe we are Christians.  It has nothing to do with whether or not we believe in Christ.  But rather that we don't accept the Nicean definition of the trinity.  Brother Millet gave compelling reasons why we are Christians.  They also seemed to think that the idea of God having a body was very strange.  I learned a lot, and it made me so glad for revealed truth.  I am glad I have a testimony of priesthood authority.  But I also felt like there are good people in every faith, and it was a real blessing to have a chance to come together.
Well, I guess I had better get on with my day.  It should be full of plenty to do.  I am grateful for that!  Take care and remember I am still pulling for you!!!!  And have a most wonderful day!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

This was such a lovely and inspiring post. I love the story of your SS class. Not long ago we had a sacrament meeting and one of the Deacon's got up and bore a very beautiful testimony and then challenged his peers to bare theirs and they did. The spirit just came into the room and it was an incredible Sacrament meeting. I do believe that these are choice young men and young women that are here to prepare the world for the 2nd coming.
I imagine that that panel discussion was fascinating.Just to hear Bro. Millet would be awesome.
Blessings for this sweet post!